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Hi. Have relatives booked United to Memphis and have a stop of 1hr 20mins at Newark. Am trying to organise it for them and as I have never done the trip (unfortunately) I just wanted to know if luggage will be transferred automatically and is it far/difficult for them to find connection? Appreciate your help.
Where are they flying into Newark from?
Connecting from TC to TA to Aruba on United. Should I use the Shuttle Bus or AirTrain to TA?
Do you mean you're going from A to C? Then take the shuttle bus as it runs inside security. Flights to Aruba leave from C.
Arriving at Terminal C from Pittsburgh and departing from Terminal A to Ottawa Canada. What is the process and how much time do you need to transfer. I have 1:55 layover in EWR
You take the shuttle bus from C to A. it runs inside security. You should have plenty of time.
I have a planned flight with a 51 minute stopover on United. The flight is Boston-Charleston, SC with a layover in EWR. Will I have enough time to make the flight if it is in Terminal C?
Yes, that is enough time if both flights are in Terminal C. it's a bit tougher if the flight to Charleston departs from Terminal A, although there is a shuttle from C to A inside security.
Thank you! If I take the shuttle (Not airtrain) from C to A, how long will it take? And the connecting flight leaves 51 minutes after the first one gets in (Just a clarification.)
It takes 10-15 minutes. It's maybe a little slower than the airtrain but it's worth it to not have to go through security again.
I am flying in from St Louis to get a connecting flight to the UK and only have 55 mins between flights. Will this be enough time to make the UK flight?
If both flights are on United that is just enough time if everything goes smoothly. If you arrive in Terminal A, United runs a shuttle inside security to Terminal C where you will depart.
We are arriving on united flight from Halifax , with a connection to Pittsburgh also on united. Do we need to switch terminals and go through security again?
Both flights will probably be in Terminal A, but there's a chance that a flight could be in Terminal C. They are connected inside security by a shuttle bus. You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Halifax.
I´m travelling from Mexicoi to Montreal with conection in EWR of 1 hour 35 minutes. With UNITED. I bought the ticket and did not think of conection time. Now Im worried. I have to go thruogh costums and probably recheck my lugagge, Do you think I have enough time?
My flight from Mexico to EWR is UNITED and then the flight from EWR to Monytreal says: Expressjet airlines Inc. dba United express.

After I go through custums will I have to take my checked bag and check in again, will the conection gate be far?
Will I have enough time?
You will re-check your bags at the re-check desk right after you clear customs. You will depart from Terminal A. You will take the AirTrain there and have to go through security there. This is a difficult connection but not impossible.
Thank you!
Do you know if it is easy to find where to take my bag and recheck it?
I wish I would have bought a direct flight. :(
My flight lands in Newark at 7:30 pm and departs at 9:00 pm. Do you know if maybe this is not a very busy hour of the day, Maybe less people go through security and custums at 8 pm? and that will make my conection less stressful. :( :(
Thank you
7:30 PM is indeed after most international arrivals so it will be less crowded then. The Re-check desk is RIGHT after you clear customs.
We are traveling to Ireland with a stop at EWR, what is the best way to transfer terminals? Also will we need to collect our luggage and recheck it?
I should say we are flying from Cincinnati to EWR, then transferring to Aer Lingus to Dublin.
If everything is on the same reservation you don't have to do anything with your bags in Newark. Take the AirTrain to Terminal B. You will have to go through security again when you get there. Also there's a good chance your flight from Cincinnati will actually arrive in Terminal A.
Thank you so much!
Hi i am travelling from tampa to mumbai via newsrk, both flights are united airlines with only 1 hr layover in newark. Do i have to re-check my luggage in newark or it will be tagged to mumbai directly from Tampa. Do i have to go thru immigration and security at newark. Is 1 hr enough time.
All you have to do in Newark on your way to Mumbai is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. There is no US Immigration when leaving the US. You have enough time.
Me and my son are arriving from Oslo the 11. of march and are going to Orlando. I understand that we must pick up Our luggage in Newark and then check it in again. Is it easy to understand how we will do that whwn we arrive? I also Wonder how we will get from terminal b to terminal c where Our United flight depart from. And finally I Wonder if there is a sas or star alliance lounge in terminal c?
After you clear customs there is a desk you can check your bags at right afterwards. You will take the AirTrain to Terminal C and then go through security. If you are flying business class or are Star Gold then you can use one of the 3 United Clubs in Terminal C.