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Arriving in Newark in Terminal B from Cancun and connecting for my LHR flight in C. Is 1.5 hours enough? Both flights are with United. On that note, do I need to clear US customs and border to connect to my International flight. Help please :)
Yes, you have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, take the AirTrain to Terminal C and go through security. This is a very difficult connection.
I'm arriving in Terminal B on LH412 (Munich to EWR) and then connecting to Dallas (EWR to DFW) on UA3327, out of Terminal C. This connection time is an hour and 50 minutes. Is this enough time? Also, I was told I do not have to re-check my bags (all under 1 reservation, but changing airlines from LH to UA), is this true?
That is not true. You will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk immediately after, take the AirTrain to Terminal C and go through security. You have barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Thanks. I did get this information from United directly. They stated that Lufthansa and United have 'agreements' in which I would not touch my bags through the journey. If this is true, then this should help my connection time (if everything goes perfect).
Your bags will be tagged to DFW (that is what they are talking about). But you have to claim your bags to go through US customs in Newark. This is a federal law, there's no getting around it.
Travelling from LHR to EWR arriving at 15:05 , transferring to BOG, Colombia at 16:34. Is it too close? I've never been through the states before so was unaware about the re-security check
Both flights are United Airlines
you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go to Terminal C if you arrived at a different terminal, then go through security and to your departure gate. This is a very difficult connection.
Landing EWR on a Virgin Atlantic Flight from LHR at 7:50pm with a United departure to DFW at 6am the next morning and hoping to avoid a hotel stay. Will have no checked bags and pre-printed boarding passes. Anyone have thoughts or experience on getting from Teminal B to Terminal C for an overnight? Want to make sure security/TSA will be open and that I won't be refused for having a longer layover-Assuming anything less than 12 hours is good, but want o double check.

Thanks in advance
You will not be able to go through security in Terminal C until early morning (about 3-4 AM). So considering you will be out of immigration and customs a little before 9 PM, you'll have 6 or 7 hours to kill before you can go through security.
Thanks for the response-Out of curiosity, wll I have to wait until 3-4am because security will be closed or because of a regulation regarding time prior to my flight?

Security will still be open when you arrive, but you will be considered a "next day" traveler and not allowed to go through. Security will close at about midnight. You will be allowed through when it reopens.
Good to know-Thanks!
flying united day to ewr arrive at 12:59 pm terminal A and depart terminal C at 1:40 pm. is this possible ?
DAY (dayton) to EWR both flights are united express
It doesn't leave much time to spare. There is a shuttle that runs inside security between United's gates in A and C. There's a chance your flight to PIT could also leave from A.
thank you !!!
Flying in from FRA on LH so I'd arrive in terminal B at 4:20pm, and continuing on a UA Express flight to PIT (either it being terminal A or C). I can either do a 2 hr 37 min or 3 hr 29 min connection. Should I be fine with the shorter one? And after exiting customs, will it be better to take my checked luggage to the terminal I'm flying out of or leave it at the bag drop in terminal B?
You can just drop your bag at the re-check desk right after customs as long as they are tagged to PIT. Either connection should be sufficient.
Leaving POS and arriving EWR 5:20am. Then connecting flight to MYR departing 7:00am. All UNITED airlines. Is 1hr 40 mins enough connecting time? I only have carry-on.
With only carry-ons and an early morning arrival, This is potentially doable, but it will be very close.
My friend is on DAL763 to EWR, which is delayed and is supposed to arrive at 4:02 at Terminal B. She then has to get to Terminal C UAL1082 at 6:13. Will the United shuttle work for this, or will she have to go back through security, which seems like it might not give her enough time?
The United shuttle does not go to the satellite that Delta uses in Terminal B. she will have to take the AirTrain to Terminal C and go through security. If she doesn't have checked bags this is still possible.
i'm looking to travel from BHX to LAS via EWR and back again. Before booking a flight how much time should I allow for an international to domestic flight transfer. I'm looking to book flights UA26 and UA 1971 which allows 1.5 hrs transfer time ... is that enough? or should I allow longer?
For International->Domestic I would want at least 2 hours, preferrably a little more. For Domestic to International an hour is fine.
i rang united customer service to see if i can get any info as im flying from BHX to EWR and also have a 1.5 stop before getting my connecting flight. they advised me it will be enough time and if you was to miss your connecting flight they need to put you on another one anyway!
Hi,I am flying in to terminal C with United Airlines and only have 1 hour 30 minutes for my connecting United Airlines flight to SFO from terminal B.I have requested special assistance as I am disabled but I'm worried that I won't have enough time to catch my flight.Please can you advise ?
No United flights depart from Terminal B. A United flight to SFO will depart from Terminal C. Where are you flying into EWR from?
Sorry!! I fly into EWR from BHX terminal B and connecting flight to SFO from terminal C but only have 1 and half hours to make connection.I have requested special assistance as I am disabled - can I make it ?
They will do their best but there's no guarantees. If you do miss your connection United has frequent flights from EWR to SFO that you can be rebooked on.