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My daughter in in-flight right now in one reservation, depart NRT UA78 arriving 5pm at Terminal B, departing UA4900 7:29PM Terminal C. My question is, does she still need to get her 2 checked in bags even if it s only under same airline and 1 reservations? does she have anytime for her connecting flight, and lastly what is the easiest way for her to reach Terminal C. Really need help asap
Yes, she still needs to claim her bags to go through US Customs. She will re-check them at the re-check desk right after. She will then take the AirTrain to her departure terminal and through security. She should have enough time. However, note that UA4900 appears to be cancelled today, so she will be rebooked to DC via a different flight (there is a 7:29 flight to DCA which appears to be full and an 8:40 PM flight which also appears to be full). Unless she wants to drive or take the train she will likely be stuck in Newark overnight.
Thanks, you are right flight was cancelle and was able to book her for tomorrow's flight at 10:22am, since this is international flight and more than 12 hrs stop over due to cancellation, can she be provided a hotel accommodations? can she demand it?
Since the flight was cancelled due to weather they are not required to provide a hotel.
I am flying from SFO to Lisbon on United with a 60 minute between landing at EWR to catch my flight to Lisbon. Is this enough time?
Yes, all you have to do in Newark is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate both in terminal C.
I'll be connecting in Newark from Charlotte. (Arriving with AA in Terminal A I believe and departing with SAS from terminal B) My question is do you really have to go through security again from terminal to terminal? And once you go through security are there stores and food options inside the terminals or only outside security? It appears that way from the map but I've never seen another airport set up like this?? Usually once you go through security you're free to go to whatever shop, food court, terminal, or gate you want.

And if that is the case will 1hr50min be enough time to get from my arrival (terminal A I think) to my terminal B departure?

All help appreciated. I have anxiety regarding airports and like to know what to expect.
Yes, you do have to go through security again. if you purchased two separate reservations and have checked bags you will also have to claim your bags, take them to Terminal B and re-check them. Lots of large airports have multiple terminals that are not connected inside security. (Los Angeles, Boston, New York JFK, Phoenix, Detroit, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, to name just a few). You have barely enough time if you don't have checked bags and don't realistically have enough time if you have checked bags that you have to transfer yourself.
Thanks! My trip is all on one ticket but it's with different airlines. Does that mean it's on the same reservation? Because I do have a checked bag.
And thank you, I understand the layout now.
Yes, if it's one ticket then your bags will be transferred and all you have to do in Newark is take the airtrain to terminal B and go through security.
My daughter returning to US from abroad (US citizen) to EWR at 5:10, terminal C. Then catching 9:15 pm flight to BWI. Is there any way I can see her for a few minutes before she catches her BWI flight?
She will be outside security when she clears customs. So you could meet her then and there.
so to go to bwi, she'll have to go through security again?
Yes, she will.
I will be traveling from London to EWR with my flight landing at 7:05 pm. I will not have checked bags. I booked my next flight to Dallas separately and it leaves from EWR at 8:47 pm. Will I have time to make my flight to Dallas if I have to go through customs?
Since I booked my flight separately, will I be able to rebook if I do miss the flight at no cost? The booking agent assured me I would have enough time.
If you miss your connection you will likely have to pay a same day change fee. This is a very difficult connection, even with no checked bags. What airlines are you flying?
both flights are on United
I am flying Lufthansa then changing to United Airlines.
So you think it s likely that I will miss it? I am quite stressed about it as my friends are already in costa rica waiting for me
Show your Dallas confirmation to the United agent in London and ask that your bags be tagged to Dallas, you'll still have to claim your bags to go through US Customs in Newark, but you'll already have both boarding passes and you can drop your bags right after clearing customs in Newark and you may be able to avoid paying the change fee if you miss your connection that way.
I am only bringing a carry-on. Will I need to have my bags tagged? Also, I have registered with Mobile Passport to expedite things.
If you aren't checking a bag then you can probably make your connection - Check in for your flight to Dallas online before you leave London.
I will arrive at terminal B at 15:45 from Frankfurt (LH 402 ) and have to change to terminal C to catch my flight to San Jose ( UA 1082 ) at 17:59.
So I will have around 2 hours 15 min to do all the procedure,and I am not an american citizen. Will it be enough? Are there any tips to do ? I payed an extra Premier Access for my united airlines flight so that it might speed up the check-in.
Thank you!
You won't have to check in again in Newark if both tickets are on the same reservation. You will just go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, take the AirTrain to Terminal C, go through security and to your departure gate. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Thank you for your answer!
( Sorry at first I answered the conversation above...but now i have seen that doesnt relate me)
Flying from Panama (Flight UA1022). Arrive to EWR at 3:50PM
Connecting flight at 6.35PM (UA134) to Zurich. Same reservation with UNITED. I have checked baggage. 2 hours and 45 mins is enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time. You will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, take the AirTrain to Terminal C if you arrived in Terminal B, then go through security and to your departure gate.
Many thanks. I guess flight UA1022 will arrive in Terminal C. UA134 will leave from terminal C as well. So after clear the US Customs, I have to re-check the baggage and go through security?
Yes, that is correct.
Hi there, I am looking for information if it's possible to take the shuttle bus from terminal C to B. The United website shows a stop at terminal B but I saw many comments that the bus shuttle only runs between terminal A and C, no stop at terminal B. Thx in advance.
It does go to B, but it only stops in the satellite that the Star Alliance carriers use. Unlike Terminal C where every gate is connected inside security, in Terminal B the three satellites are not connected inside security. If you are more specific about the connection you'd like to try I can help you more.
Thanks ZAP! I'll arrive at TC with UA3466 and depart at TB with LX19 - so it's Star Alliance. Looks the shuttle bus works for me then? How often does it run and how long does it take to get from TC to TB?
Yes, it should work. It will probably take you about 20-30 minutes to get between gates.
I arrive 5AM EWR Term C on United UA38 - customs, foreigners line, re-check 1 bag, then fly out 6:30AM on Term C United UA3357. Do we go thru LONG Security again? is the time ok? or, do i opt for 5 hour layover to same destination?
90 minutes is not impossible because of the early morning arrival, but it doesn't leave much time to spare.
Yes. 3hr is enough time at EWR. There is no terminal 4. It will be A,B, or D.
EWR does not have a Terminal 4. What airlines are you flying and where are you coming from?