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Some one coming from Delhi to Florida, changing flight at Newark, has 4 hour stop over at ewr, is he allowed to come out to meet relatives at airport in NJ
Hi, last week I dropped off my family at terminal B (level1) I was terribly lost trying to find that level and just dropped them off at the pick up area. This Saturday, I pick them up and am quite nervous about it. Where do I pick them up once they get through customs, etc? I could not find the road to turn on to get to drop them off at all. It was a mess for sure. Please help to pick them up. Thank you SO much. ( Years ago I got lost picking up my family and had a panic attack in trying to find them. I don't want that to happen again this year.

My wife and 2 year old daughter is traveling to EWR on terminal B on international flight. Is it allowed to enter in baggage claim area So i can help them to pick those heavy bags. If not What are the other options I have ?

No, you can't. They can get a cart there.
Thanks for the input.
My Mum is arriving this Friday at newark airport terminal b. She needs to go to immigration officer and pick up the luggage. Is there aby place where i could meet her and the wheelchair assistant? Since she doesnt speak English i would appreciate if u could help me to figure out im advance where to meet
The exit of US Customs would be where you meet her.
desk operator describe my bag like dark blue but I told her. it was wrapped in bright green clearplastic. claim. numberEWR95512M. I want to add description. and want
You need to contact your airline. This is ifly.com.
Flying on United. Will a 18inx11in Wide by 11in wide fit. Also, there is a 20 inch carrier. Would that fit as well.
Thank you
I am visiting US from India. after arriving at EWR airport terminal B , how to go to visitors area to meet my relative who will come to meet me
It's just on the lower level on the left side (closest to Terminal C).
How do I get from baggage claim in terminal A where I am arriving to baggage claim in terminal C to meet arriving passenger
I'm arriving 820pm southern, my friend is arriving 840pm delta. Where should we meet?
There is no such airline as "Southern" (or at least there hasn't been since 1979)
Hi, a group of us at arriving from the UK on 28th September at Terminal B at 15.25. I want to book a limo to take us into the City but have no idea how much time to allow to pass through immigration. Does anyone have any recent experience they can share? Thanks.
I would book the limo for 90 minutes after your scheduled arrival.
Thank you very much ZAP, much appreciated.