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Hello. My mother in law will be traveling to St. Louis from New Delhi, india. She has a connecting flight (both united) at ewr. Will she be clearing immigration and customs at ewr? What will be the procedure? Will she be claiming her baggage there? If yes, how much time will the whole process take?
At EWR, your party may arrive at either Terminal B or C - both are used by United for international arrivals. While United Express uses domestic terminal A, United Airways uses Terminal C for domestic flights also. For Terminal, International Arrivals procedure, transfer options, I suggest you open www.ifly.com/ewr, then click on 'Terminal Map' under 'QUICK LINKS', and scroll down to the detailed text.
She will arrive in B or C, go through US Immigration, claim her bags, go through US Customs, and then re-check her bags with United. Then she will take the Airtrain to her departure terminal (if she doesn't both arrive and depart from C), she may depart from A or C. Then she will go through security and to her gate. Minimum time allowed between an international and domestic flight at EWR is 90 minutes.
we will fly back to europe from vegas through newark this month and have only one hour for connecting. will this be enough???
My wife is travelling alone from Dayton with United Express to EWR with a 70minute period to connect with a UA flight to LHR. Will her bags go straight from the UE plane to the UA? Will she go through customs at EWR? She is worried there will not be enough time. The tickets were booked as a package.

try to reach my parents. would like to talk to them
I don't know how anonymously posting on a forum will help you accomplish that.
Hi, I 'm travelling in from Glasgow, my friend is traveling in from Cleveland. We should clear about the same time as I arrive one hour earlier.Any suggestions for a well sign posted meeting point. Neither of us has used Newark before so it will be unfamiliar to us. Thank You
Your friend may arrive in either Terminal A or C if he is on United and you may arrive in Terminal B or C. So first you need to decide what Terminal to meet in (I recommend C).
Thanks Zap for your quick response
Do you think it could be possible to get an exact point.ie If you come out arrivals Terminal A there is a starbucks same level of if you come out arrivals Terminal |C| there is a coffee shack same level.
I don't mind going between terminals as the Airtrain looks easy to negotiate, my friend on the other hand is a first time flyer and fairly nervous about the ordeal
We are both traveling United .
My husband is flying United from the Middle East to Chicago with a stopover in EWR. Will he need to claim baggage and recheck them or will the airline do it for him?
If Newark is the first point where he will enter the United States, he has to claim his baggage after he clears immigration, go through US customs, then re-check his bags. If they are checked through to Chicago then he can just drop them at the re-check desk after exiting customs.
I am picking up an exchange student getting of a Lufthansa flight. Where should I tell her to meet me? (1/10/14)
Since he or she won't be familiar with the country or airport and probably won't have a phone, it'll probably best that you park or ride the train to the airport and meet them at the exit of US Customs in Terminal B.
I will arrive to EWR Terminal B with SAS and I have a connection AA flight to Miami from Terminsl A. I prseume I have to clear customs and immigration at EWR and rec-heck my luggage (even if it is checked in to my final destination)? Can I drop my luggage after customs at Terminal B? Merry Christmas from Stockholm
If your bags are tagged through to Miami then you will be able to re-check them in Terminal B. Otherwise you will have to take them to Terminal A with you on the Airtrain.
Okay so I am flying from Greenville, SC. I am planning on checking a bag. Since United didn't have any straight flights to Philly they have provided me with a Amtrak ticket to take from Newark. Well one thing I am confused about is if I'm checking a bag in, do I have to re-check it when I arrive in Newark at Amtrak or does it transfer? Also, the same on the way back. When I check my bag in at 30th Street Station, does it transfer or will I have to recheck a bag for United?
You have to claim your bag at the baggage claim and put it on the train and on the other way, put the bag on the train yourself then check it in Newark. There is no checked bag service on these Amtrak trains. http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/united-mileageplus-consolidated/374107-united-amtrak-codeshare-faq-including-zfv-philadelphia-22.html
For the first time I am going to Newark EWR airport by Amtrak train from Philadelphia (ZVF) rail station. I will reach at 6 PM to EWR station by train (if it doesn't do any late). I am 100 mins. time to catch an United Airlines flight at Terminal C. As I am flying to international destination, I will have to go through immigration and passport control. Is this time sufficient to catch the flight from Amtrak station? How can I go to Terminal C from Amtrak station? How long does it take? Please help me.
Yes. that is enough time to make your transfer. The AirTrain connects the Amtrak station directly to Terminal C.