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We land from Amsterdam on Lufthansa @ 12:15pm, leave on a direct flight to Austin @ 2:25pm on Southwest. Will we make it with customs and all?
It's possible without checked bags. With checked bags I don't think it's really possible.
Arriving at Terminal C by United airline and have Air Canada at Terminal A. I have only 2 hr hault. Do you think I have enough time.
Yes, that should be.
How do we get from our international flight Term C to Security and then retrieve luggage please
You don't go to security first. You will be directly sent to US Immigration, then claim your bags, then go through US Customs. if you are continuing on you will re-check your bags and go through security.
Thank you, if we are staying in New York and not continuing on another flight do we still need to re-check our bags
Yes, you do.
My mom is flying in from oslo, norway on united, then she has a connecting flight to slc. I assume she will have to reclaim her baggage then recheck them. Is there a service at EWR that assist customers that dont speak english? Im afraid this is way too complicated for her. Please respond thank you.
Hi, im looking at booking a flight to Minneapolis via New York with United ( though booked through a 3rd party company). The flight from Manchester lands in terminal b and i would have 1hr 30 to connect to the flight to MSP from termical C. Is this enough time? maybe not united would get me on the next plane?
That's not realistically enough time, although it's not completely impossible especially if you don't check bags. Yes, if you did miss your connection you would be rebooked on the next available flight to MSP, possibly connecting in Chicago.
I'm flying Belfast to Newark with United (july) arriving 1.35pm, then NEwark to MCO also United at 3.10pm, I also need to clear customs, will this be enough time?
That would be barely enough time if everything went perfectly.
Hi, I have a connecting flight from EWR to MCO. I will Come from Germany. So I have to go to the security before I Move from Terminal b to c? And do I have to check in my luggage again. Because I only have 75 minutes. I will fly with United Airlines. Thanks
You will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then change terminals and go through security. 75 minutes is not enough time 90 minutes is the minimum with 2 hours recommended.
I'm flying from Boston to EWR and lands at 935pm. My next flight is at 1020pm from EWR to Indianpolis. Will 45 mins be enough time? Tips?
Yes, that should be just enough time. If you have to change terminals from A to C or vise-versa there is a shuttle inside security.
When we go through immigration and pick up bags, does that checked luggage also go through security with your hand luggage as well? is re-check bags after this process or before?
You re-check your checked bags before you go through security.
Nashville to EWR via united. from there I have 1.5 hours to get icelandair for a jump to Iceland. do I have to go back through security for my checked baggage? is this enough time at EWR?
Yes, you will have to exit the secure area, claim your bags, change terminals on the airtrain, re-check your bags with Icelandair, and go through security. This connection is pretty much impossible.
Thank you
Hi ,I am going to Atlanta from India Via Newark through United airlines .I have to change flight in newark at terminal C only .So what is the toatl procedure and how much total time it will take as i have 2.30 hrs for all the stuff.
All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have plenty of time.
So procedure is reach Newark terminal C ,go for immigration ,baggage claim then go from arrival to departure then custom clearance then again Bag check in ,security check and board flight .is that right .?how far is arrival and departure in Newark Terminal C
if have connection flight from same carrier like United Airlines ,do i still have to recheck in my baggage from departure or there would be some flight connection baggage transfer near to arrival belt only
Yes, you will still have to claim your bags, go through Customs, and re-check. Re-check will be right after customs.