Parking Options at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport

Parking options & Fees at NW Arkansas Regional Airport include short-term, intermediate-term and long-term parking, as well as Economy parking:

    Short-term Parking Lot:
Its center is across from the passenger terminal (approximately 225 feet distance).
Fees: first day's 30 mins are free (ideal for passenger pickup); first hr $2; 2 hrs $3; each add'l hr  $1, 4-24 hrs. /daily max $16.
    Intermediate Term Parking Lot (west of Short-term Lot) - about 455 feet west of terminal.
Fees: first day's 15 mins free, ffirst hr $2; 2 hrs $3; each hour thereafter $1, 4-24 hrs /daily max $9.
    Long-term Parking Lot:  (the center is approximately 523 feet from the terminal)  divided by roads from the short-term lot at north and the Long-term lot at south.
Fees: first day's 15 mins free; first hr $2, each hr thereafter $1; 3-4 hrs. $5; 4-24 hrs /daily max $8/
    Economy Parking Lot: (the center is about 895 feet from the terminal).
Fees: First 15 mins free, 16-60 mins $2, 1-24 hrs.$6.
  Valet Parking: first 4 hours $8; 4-24 hrs $16.

Disabled parking at $5/day applies to Short-term parking. As autmated credit card machines don't deduct the discount, you need to go through the parking booth instead.

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