Internet Access at East Midlands EMA Airport

Wireless Hotspots: Access the web from your laptop or PDA at cafes and seating areas in the passenger terminal. T-Mobile Wireless HotSpots let you access emails and surf the Internet at wireless broadband speeds. You willl need a wireless enabled Wi-Fi (802.11b) laptop/PDA and web browser.

T-Mobile HotSpot usage can cost as little as £0.75 for 10 minutes. If you have a T-Mobile phone, you can set up a HotSpot account and your HotSpot charges will be added to your phone bill. Just text OPEN to 9526 and T-Mobile will text you back a username and password.

You can also buy a pass online using your credit card at any T-Mobile HotSpot across the airport. Prices start at £5 for one hour.

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