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How do I get from a SW arrival flight in terminal A to Dollar Car rental in terminal B
Orlando only has one Terminal building. Just follow the signs to rental cars - there will be a Dollar counter when you get there.
I'm traveling to Pittsburgh from San Juan in October and was wondering if 1 hour connection time is long enough? I get into Orlando at 7:30 on Southwest and leave Orlando at 8:30 on Southwest. Is this enough time? I will have a checked bag
Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thinking of book flights to MCO Orlando from LIMA, Peru flying with LATAM Airlines= arriving at 1606 but I need to make a connection to Calgary, Canada with Westjet at 1750. No checked baggage. Will I have time to clear customs and reach my gate in time?
That's barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Im arriving in Orlando at 10:25 with Emirates. My connecting flight is with Jetblue and departure is at 11:33. Any chance i can make it?
You have very little chance, probably close to zero.
My daughter is arriving on SW (A2) and departing on Silver Air (B3). She will have no checked bags, how can she go directly to Silver without going through security?
She can't.
How long does it typically take to clear customs
It's typically not longer than 30 minutes. Orlando doesn't get too many international flights.

I am flying from London to Orlando, landing at 3pm. I want to book a connection to Tallahassee at 3.50pm. I will have no checked baggage. Both flights are terminal B, security check points are East for flight in and West for flight out.

Is this at all possible? I've not yet booked the second flight, but it'd be perfect if I have time.


You have absolutely zero chances of making that.
I have a flight from Detroit with "Virgin Atlantic (Operated by Delta)" landing in Orlando at 18:40 and a Virgin Atlantic flight to Manchester (UK) leaving at 19:45.

It looks to me like Delta flights come into Terminal B and Virgin Atlantic use Terminal A. But I've no idea of the distance between them or whether there's a security check.

Will I have enough time to make the second flight before its gate closes or is it too tight?

You will have to go through security again. You have enough time if the first flight is on-time.

I have a flight from ATL to MCO with Delta, then a flight to Sao paulo with LATAM 2 hours after arriving in MCO. No bags to be checked-in, but not sure if LATAM check in can be done in advance by the app. If I have to go to the ticketing station for checkout and go through security do I have sufficient time? Thank you.
Yes, that is enough time to exit security, check in and go back through security, as long as the flight from Atlanta is on-time.
I am considering flying via Azul into MCO, landing at 5:30 PM. My next flight is JetBlue, leaving at 7:19 PM. Does this give me enough time to get onto my next flight, or should I look for a later option? I will have checked baggage.
With checked baggage I don't think that's possible.
How about without checked baggage?
Thanks in advance