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I am coming in an on an Alaska Airlines trip from Portland Oregon and needing to switch to get on a flight to Miami where I will then switch to get on a flight to Curacao. Is 30-40 minutes enough time or should I change my flight while I still have the chance? Please let me know as soon as possible.
Is it one reservation or two separate ones? I assume you're flying AA for the rest of your trip past Orlando?
Hey guys, if I were to fly into MCO on Southwest, needing to connect to Norwegian air, how long would I need? I'd assume I have to
pick up my checked bag at the claim and then check it again with Norwegian.

My most likely option is SW coming in at 8:10, and Norwegian leaving at 9:35

If I can squeeze, I may be able to get in at 7 before the 9:35 flight. Are either of these reasonable?
you need at least 2.5 Hours. So the 7 arrival is reasonable.

And if I were to just have carry-ons, how much time would I need? I realized I'll be taking a couple short flights while in europe, so I'm trying to make do with just carryons!
I'd advise against the 8:10 Arrival, even with just carry-ons.
Help me figure this out!
I'm arriving at Terminal 1 on an international flight. I need to meet my friend who is arriving shortly after me on a domestic flight at Terminal A Gate 6.
How do I get there???
Help! Thanks!!
After you clear customs you can walk to the domestic baggage claim.
Hi, I have a flight arriving at 6:50 at terminal 2 and connecting flight leaves at 7:45 from terminal 1. Is there anyway to not have to go back through security to make my connecting flight? Thanks in advance for any insight!
It depends on the concourse actually. What airlines are you flying? This is a very difficult connection.
Flying AA from JFK to MCO (3:47pm - 6:55pm), then also AA from MCO to MIA (7:29pm - 8:39pm). How doable is it? Very worried about this tight window.
Forgot to say: no checked bags
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate which will be very close to each other.
Hi. I will be travelling on October 6th from Dulles to Key West. I am connecting through Orlando with United and jumping onto a Silver Airways flight to EYW. Times are as follows:

IAD-MCO: 12:50pm to 3:07pm (United)
MCO-EYW: 4:55pm to 6:25pm (Silver)
Connection time: 1hr 48min

Is it possible to make my connection, given that United and Silver are on opposite concourses?
edit: I have one checked bag.
Yes, that's possible.
Flying on separate reservations, arrival 8:37am on Jan 2. Is 1 hr 18 min connection time possible with no checked bags? How about with checked bags?
With no checked bags, maybe barely possible, although Jan 2 is one of the busiest travel days of the year in Florida, which makes me lean towards not possible. With checked bags, completely impossible.
We are arriving on Jet Blue at 6am coming from BQN on 11/11 and have a flight with Delta at 7:30am. Do we have enough time to get our baggage from Jet Blue and board the Delta flight at 7:30am to SLC?
It requires that your flight from BQN arrives on-time and that everything goes perfectly. In Orlando, all bags have to be checked 45 minutes before the flight on Delta - https://www.delta.com/content/www/en_US/traveling-with-us/check-in/requirements.html
We are arriving on American, airside B one hour before our Granddaughter is arriving on Southwest, airside A. how do we get over to meet her flight
Meet in one of your baggage claim areas.
Arriving on UA at 18:00 and departing on Azul at 19:00 - Will this allow enough time to check in and clear security with Azul? Believe UA arrival Airside B and Azul is on Airside A.
Thank you.
Correction! that is supposed to be arriving on UA at 18:00 and departing on Azul at 21:00.
Is three hours enough time to check in and clear security with Azul?
3 hours would be enough time.