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I am flying out of airside 4 and my grandson airside 3 how much time will I need to get to my flight
Im trying to avoid spending 24+ hrs in MCO, even though it is quite lovely.
How much time should I allow between disembarking and getting my luggage from Southwest and passing through security to make my flight to Sao Paulo on Azul?
the prospective flights leave 90 minutes between arrival on SW and Departure on Azul
90 minutes is too short.
Possible without checked baggage of any sort?
I have a doubt on the need of passport control when connecting in MCO coming from Sao Paulo(GRU) and heading to Montreal. The tickets are not linked so I need to get luggage from LATAM and drop-off at AIR CANADA. What are the necessary proedures? Must I go through US Customs or not?
Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags with Air Canada, and go through security. You will need a US Transit Visa.
My son and I are flying different airlines at the same time. One is in Terminal A, the other in B. We would like to spend time together in the United Club beforehand. How difficult is it to transfer terminals, how much time would I need, and can I go through security with a ticket that is not flying out of that particular terminal?
A and B are just 2 sides of the check-in/baggage claim building. What matters more are what airsides you are flying out of. What airlines are you flying?
One of us is on Jet Blue, the other on United.
Jetblue is in Airside 1 and United is in Airside 3, which use the same security checkpoint, so it shouldn't be an issue.
I'm flying out of MCO Dec 23 and flying back in Dec 28th both flights are on delta airlines where is the cheapest most convenient parking
I'm flying out of MCO Dec 23 and flying back in Dec 28th both flights are on delta airlines where is the cheapest most convenient parking
Quick question I have a flight from Philly to Orlando and then to miami all booked with American Airlines my question is do I have to get my checked bag at orlando or does it go stright on the plane to miami and also do I have to go through the tsa again in orlando or just terminal to termanalthanks for your answers
You do not have to claim your bag in Orlando, just walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate, which will be near each other.
I have an 1hr 33min layover in MCO going to PDX and an 1hr 42min Coming back through MCO WIll that work (I'm going from American - Alaska and Alaska to American). How early should I be at the Airport in PDX my flight leaves at 6:40am. Will connecting through MCO Work?
Are they connected inside Security? The Terminals? Will I have to Switch Terminals?
You will have to go to the main landside terminal, cross over to the other side, go through security again, and take the train to a different airside concourse in MCO. For your flight from PDX you should get to the airport at about 6:30 if you don't have to check a bag, a little earlier if you do.
If your flight leaves at 6:40AM, you should not arrive at the airport at 6:30. 5:15 is a safe bet if you have bags to check, 5:30 if you don't.
Planning a trip from Denver to Montego Bay on Southwest. The return connects in Orlando with 1 hour 40 minutes... Is that enough time to get thru customs & immigration (NOT checking luggage) and get to the gate in time for boarding?
With no checked bags that should be enough time.
Will a 1hr 40min Layover in MCO work?
I'm Switching airlines but I'm using miles/buying them on the same ticket (Alaska-American code share partners). Will I have to get my bags and re-check them?
And Will I have to go through security when changing terminals if I have to?
You will have to go through security again but you won't have to do anything with your bags. You should have just enough time.
Thanks. I should have enough time.
Just to also to also mention it is a overnight flight to Seattle. So I think at 5am there really shouldn't be a wait for security right?
You'd be surprised how many people fly on early morning flights.