Parking Options at Palermo Borsellino Airport

Parking options at Palermo International: Long- and short-term parking is available with a total of 1,310 parking spaces, over 550 space of which are covered, and all are within walking distance of the passenger terminal and connected by covered walkways. Valet parking is also availabe. Parking fee payment can made at the manned cashier or at automatic paystations.  A free shuttle bus makes its round to parking and other Airport facilities.  For more parking information go to the help desk in the car valet area, or call +39 091 7020200.

Parking Rates at PMO Airport

P Parking
Rate: 24 hrs 15
1 hr 3
2 hrs 5
3 hrs 7
12 hrs 9
18 hrs 12
Car Valet
Rate: 24 hrs 20
1 hr 5
2 hrs 7
3 hrs 10
12 hrs 15
18 hrs 18

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