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  • Headaches severe
    Sep 15, 2014
    the last 2 flights. a yr. apart . I had a very bad experience. I started getting little pinpricks across my forehead which increased in intensity. pain was horrible. had to have me checked out before they would allow me to board my connection flight. Saw dr. they said sinus or migraine. Don't have a problem with either thing. I have too fly. But, now I am terrified to try again. Anyone have this experience?


    Yes, you were having an inflight migraine. It's pretty common. Mostly it's caused by dehydration. Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air dedicated a whole program on migraines and it's far more common than you think. Make sure you drink a lot of water in flight, no alcohol, and eat throughout the flight. Oh yeah, I always take two aspirins before I board a flight--and I fly all the time for my job.


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