Parking Options at Palma de Mallorca Airport

Parking options at Palma de Mallorca Airport: The multi-level garage connects on its fourth level  to the main terminal’s Departure area via a pedestrian bridge. In the terminal’s baggage claim area, a baggage claim carousel connects the Arrivals level of the terminal with the car park. Automatic payment machines are located on the fourth floor and on the ground level. Parking is divided into the following areas:
1. Paid Public Parking (Abonados Publico) – on Garage parking levels 5 & 6 (tel. 971 787 598) with 1,660 parking spaces, 6 of which are for disabled parking;
2. Express Parking – on the south corner of the terminal building (tel: 971 25 827) with 36 parking spaces, 2 of which are for disabled parking.
3. ‘Larga Estancia’ – an economy lot in the industrial area to the south of the terminal (tel. 971 255 827) with 319 parking spaces, 8 of which are for disabled parking. Shuttle buses take you to the terminal. There is no limit on the length of time you can park.
4. General Parking – parking garage (tel. 971 789 386) with 3,180 parking spaces on four levels, 6 of which are for disabled parking located adjacent to the elevators & escalators reserved for disabled persons. 
5. VIP Parking is available in front of the terminal’s departures & arrivals zones. Vehicles will be parked on the 6th floor of the multi-storey garage (tel. 92 102 020). 

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