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  • Will I make my connection to US (JFK)?
    Aug 19, 2015
    I will arrive at 8:45 am (Air France) & depart 10:35 am (Delta). These are not continuing flights, separate tickets. I need to know if I can make the connection, having to pick up bags, check bags and go through security again.


    That should be barely enough time. If you show your Delta confirmation to the Air France agent in your origin they may be willing to check the bag through to your destination, meaning you could re-check it right after clearing customs and not have to worry about meeting the bag check deadline with Delta or going to the Delta ticket counters.


    Sorry, I thought this connection was at JFK. My advice still holds true about showing your Delta confirmation to the Air France agent. However, if your bags are checked through to JFK then you won't have to claim them in Paris.


    Can you check bags through to JFK if it is not a continuation flight? I think that I will just call Delta and ask them.


    The Air France agent has the ability to tag your bags through to JFK, but they are not obligated to because you purchased two separate itineraries.


    Thank you for the help everyone.


  • Connecting from 2C to 2E
    Aug 18, 2015
    Hi, friends! I arrive in terminal 2C via Airflot and need to catch next flight to Panama of Air France in 2E. Do you think 1 hour and a half is enough to get through?


    Purchased on a single itinerary with baggage checked through to Panama that is probably barely enough time.


  • Connecting at CDG from U.S. to Nice
    Aug 16, 2015
    Hi All, we are flying in to CDG from the U.S. on Delta and have a hour layover before connecting flight to Nice. Looks like we don't need to clear customs but have to go through passport control. It looks like this is a very short time, do you all have tips for us to make that connecting flight? Thank you so much in advance!


    It's possible, just follow the signs and move as quickly as possible and have everything ready when you get to passport control.


  • connection
    Jul 30, 2015
    Hi frequent fliers, I am flying on Air Europa from AGP to CDG and then will connect in CDG to BOS on a Monday morning with a 1 hour 10 minute connection. I believe we will be landing in 2F from AGP and my connection is in 2E. I have never transited thru CDG and I was hoping someone would have some advice on quickest way through. I assume I have to go thru passport control but do I need to go through security as well? We only have carry on bags. Many thanks!


    Are you on two separate tickets? If so you will have to get your Air France boarding pass from the transfer desk if you can't get it online. you will go through Schengen exit passport control but should not have to go through security since you already went through in a Schengen country.


    I am on 2 separate tickets. I have a confirmed seat on Air Europa from AGP to CDG and am on standby on Delta from CDG to BOS. I am hoping to be able to check in online for the second leg to BOS. Do you think this is possible to do in 1 hour 10 mins? Many thanks for your help! I am really nervous as I normally do not connect in Europe and this is the only flight on Delta


  • Transfer from 2D to 2E
    Jul 20, 2015
    Hello, I'll be arriving at CDG T 2D and I need to catch another flight from T 2E, (AF operated by Delta) I have 4 hour connection time so I'm not worried about that but I understand T 2 is huge and complex. I would like to take N1 bus to terminal 2E, just to be safe and not get lost within terminals. My question is, how do I get to the bus stop from the 2D gate? Is it on a same level? Do I need to go up/down? I believe I need to go thru customs/passport control. And IF I decide to walk to T 2E. Is walkway on a same level as arrival or do I need to change levels? Hope this all makes sense. Thanks in advance.


  • Gate Connections
    Jul 16, 2015
    I arrive in terminal 2 at gate A via air Canada and need to get to gate E for a connecting international flight to Africa via air France. Is there a transit route that bypasses customs and security if I have only carry ons?


    I believe there's a shuttle bus. Ask the staff at CDG when you arrive. CDG Terminal 2 is a huge and complex facility.


  • Arriving from Venice, leaving for Seattle - which gates
    Jul 16, 2015
    I will be arriving from Venice at CDG - does anyone know which gate those flights arrive at? I will then be leaving for Seattle - again, what gate will that flight be from? I am trying to understand my transfer plan ahead of time, but will need the gates info. Thank you!


    What airlines are you flying? I can't answer your question without that information.


    Venice to Paris (CDG) is AirFrance 1127 Paris (CDG) to Seattle is AirFrance 3622 operated by Delta Airlines as flight 32 Hope that helps!


    You will arrive in 2F and depart from 2E, follow signs to your departure gate. You will go through schengen departure passport control on your route. you won't know exact gates until the day of your flight. Delta usually uses the closer gates to the main terminal in 2E.


    Fantastic - many thanks for your help!


  • International to Domestic Flight (Separate Tickets) - Layover Enough?
    Jul 8, 2015
    I am flying from JFK to CDG - landing at 1:10pm and am flying on an Air France flight (separate ticket) at 3:30pm. I will be needing to check bags, meaning I will need to pick up bags, go through passport control, check back in, and go through security. Will 2 hours and 15 minutes be enough time? I'm very worried about making the connection since I would be responsible for buying a new flight if it's missed!


    What airline is the first flight on?


    It's XL Airways.


    That will be very difficult.


  • Transfer desk ?
    Jun 29, 2015
    Hi to you all. Im flying MTL-CDG-BEG-SKP. Air Canada which operates the first flight will issue only the first boarding pass. I would have to get the boarding passes for our connecting flights once we reach Paris. I was told I can do that either at the gate or the transfer office as they are all in the same ticket,without leavivng airside. Is that even possible ? I couldnt find anything on CDGs website. Any thoughts ? Thank you


    Yes, that should be possible if your second flight is in the same terminal. However, if it is in a different terminal, then no. What airline are you flying to Belgrade?


    We are arriving on Terminal 2A and leaving from 2D.Would you consider that being the same terminal ? We are flying with Air Serbia


    Would you consider that as the same terminal ? Thanks for your response


    It appears that there is an airside walkway from 2A to 2D.


    Yes. I know I dont have to pass passport control. My only concern is is there a transit desk that can assist me. I was checking CDGs website but it says nothing about transfer desks.


    Yeah, Transit desks are just little kiosks. The Air Serbia transit desk will probably be shared with other airlines and they may not even have one, you may just want to go to the gate for the flight to Belgrade and get your boarding passes there if there is no transfer desk.


    Thank you so much But there is an employe at those transfer desks, isnt it ? That flight is a code share or however its called with Air France, operated by Air Serbia, maybe they can help. My only concern is going thru security without any boarding passes ... maybe i can print our e tickets and hope they will be understanding as ill be travelling with two small children.. idk. Again, thanks for the replay :)


  • PRAGUE to CDG to LAX
    Jun 28, 2015
    I have 2 hrs between a Delta flight from Prague arriving at 11:40 am Sat 5/21/2016 CDG with next flight Delta/Air France leaving CDG at 1:40 pm Sat 5/21 going to Los Angeles International (LAX). Is that enough time between flights?


    Yes, just follow the signs to your departure flight. You will go through Schengen exit passport control on your route.


  • 2E to 2D on separate ticket
    Jun 25, 2015
    How much time do I need to catch an easyJet flight (separate ticket) at Terminal 2D after arriving in the morning on Delta (DL2) from the US in terminal 2E if I have only a carry on? What if I have checked baggage?


    I would recommend 90 minutes if carry-on only and 2-2.5 hours with checked baggage.


  • Connection from Malta to singapore
    Jun 21, 2015
    I will be arriving from Malta at Terminal 2D at 925 am, and have to catch a flight to Singapore on Singapore Airlines in Terminal 1 at 12pm. The two flights are booked on separate tickets. Will only have hand-carry. Will there be enough time to go to Terminal 1, check in and clear immigration and security to catch the flight?


    Yes, that should be enough time to take the CDGVAL to T1 and check-in.


  • is it possible???
    Jun 19, 2015
    coming in from ATL to CDG I will have only 65 mins to catch a connecting flight to FLR. other than passport control do I have to collect my luggage or will it go through to the final destination? the ticket is booked with DELTA all the way.


    No, you don't have to do anything with your baggage, however, CDG Terminal 2 is huge so your flight will have to be on-time and everything will have to go smoothly in order for you to make your connection.


    Thanks for your help!


  • 2A to 2F
    Jun 16, 2015
    I arrive in Paris via BA 306 on Terminal 2A at 11:15, have to collect baggage, go through Passport verification etc and catch a flight AF7664 to Marseille at 12:50. Is it possible?


    It's possible, but doesn't leave any time to spare if there are any delays.


  • Question- connecting flight
    Jun 15, 2015
    I will arrive CDG via emirates at 9.30 am and later I will catch next flight to Madrid at 15:25. Question: I need to claim the baggage then go thru the passport?control then check in again? Or there is another way?


    You will go through passport control upon arrival. What airport are you flying to Madrid?


    Sorry, what airline are you flying to Madrid?


    I will fly to Madrid via air France.


    You will have to transfer from Terminal 2C to 2F. If you booked two separate tickets you will have to transfer your bags yourself. You have plenty of time.


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