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Hi we are US citizens flying from Italy to CDG, then to the US. We only have a one hour lay over in CDG. And we are planning to check a bag. Hoping you could help with a few questions! We are taking Delta 8534 flight operated by CITYJET As AF 1103 into CDG and leaving on DELTA 229. Is an hour long enough? Is there a "best way" to get from our incoming terminal to our outgoing terminal? Do we go though passport control only? Would our bag be checked through, or do we need to recheck it/go through security again?
You will arrive at terminal 2G and depart from one of the 3 separate concourses, K, L, M, at terminal 2E. Upon arrival follow the sign for Correspondances and pass through passport control. Determine your concourse and gate from the departure board. Take the corresponding transfer bus to your concourse. Busses are colour coded: K=yellow (jaune); L= grey (gris); M= Red (rouge). You will enter directly into the departure area of your concourse with no further security check (except maybe at the gate ). Your baggage should be checked through from Turin to your final destination. 60 minutes should be okay if 1103 is on time but do not dawdle. I am assuming that the 2 sectors are booked as a single reservation;one hour would not be enough time with separate tickets as you would not be protected in case of delay.
How do I get from Terminal 2E to 2F
How can I reach Terminal 1 from terminal 2 G?
i DON'T HAVE A LOT OF TIME and is it better to take a taxi?
Follow signs to Terminal 1 and 3. Take the N2 landside bus (runs from outside Terminal G every 6 minutes) to Terminal 2F. Then take the CDG VAL train (runs every few minutes) to Terminal 1. Should not be more than 30 mins, probably less. I doubt if you would persuade a taxi to do this!
Why a taxi should refuse to do that? If I go out of the airport and pay a taxi is not possible? My connection is so short (Hop flight arriving at terminal 2G) and then AIR FRANCE from T1.
I would think that a taxi would want a longer journey = higher fare!. HOP is a subsidiary of AF. AF does not fly from T1. AF flies from T2 concourses E,F and G. There are airside busses from T2G to all other T2 terminals If you state your arrival and departure flight numbers I can offer more specific help.
Two of us arriving on AC at 2A and connecting, one to 2F and the other to 2G. I realize that we can both go through immigration at 2A and then proceed landside to 2F and 2G and pass through security at our respective onward terminals. But I am wondering if as an alternative we could both take the airside Blue connection bus from 2A to 2F, both pass through immigration at 2F, and then the passenger to 2G could take the airside but to 2G. Main question is whether a passenger with a BP for a flight from 2G can enter Schengen by passing through the 2F immigration. Thanks in advance for any wisdom.
Is 1h30min enough time to get from the terminal where Delta flies into Cdg (from Detroit) to where Easyjet flies out of Cdg to Tenerife? I'm flying December 12th. I am not familiar with the terminal locations or average customs wait time. Thanks!
I will be connecting from AF 681 (from Atlanta) to AF 192 (to Bangaluru). Given the three hours a friend would like to meet me outside security. What is the procedure I should follow and how much time would I have? Since I checked by bag at LAX (on Delta), do I need to reclaim it or is it checked thru on Air France to my destination? Thank you!
coming in from toronto on airfrance at 7:50. Can I make the airfrance flight to Marrekesh, morocco by 9:55? do I have to go through customs, collect bags?
My 80 YO mother & her traveling partner (US passports) will be getting wheel chairs when they arrive at CDG connection (flying from NY, USA) then to Budapest. It looks like they fly into 2E & out of 2F. They have only 1hr 10mins. Is this really enough time?
Thanks so much for your advice!
This flight is October 6th, arriving at 5:45am and departing at 6:55am.
We arrive at 8:05am on Air France, Terminal 2E. We will need to collect luggage, go through customs and then check in with EasyJet, Terminal 2D. How long should we allow for that? Is 2 hours enough time?
Was this enough time for you? Im having a similar problem. Thank you!
Arriving from Taipei at around 7:30am via EVA Air (into Terminal 1) and departing to Rome at 9:15am via Air France (2F). Is this enough time? Do I need to pick up bags and clear immigration?

Thanks in advance!