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I'll be arriving at Terminal 1 at 7:05am on a Saturday on Thai Airways (from Bangkok) and departing from Terminal 2A on Air Canada (to Montreal) at 11am on the same day. The flights are on different itineraries, but I will be able to check-in via mobile for the Air Canada flight. I won't have any checked-in luggage, just carry -on. Will I be allowed to do an airside transfer, or do I need to do a landside transfer? If I have to do a landside transfer, do you reckon I'll have enough time (assuming the Thai Airways flight is not delayed)?
There are no airside transfers from T1 to any other terminals. You will have to clear passport control and take the CDGVAL to Terminal 2. You should have enough time.
We land at CDG at 1pm on a Saturday (from JFK) and I need to book a separate flight to Nice. How long should I allow to clear immigration so I can book the next flight with enough time to check in? Thank you!
What airlines? Probably 3-4 hours at least. Maybe just take the TGV to Nice from the airport.
Flying in on XL Airways and leaving either Air France or Easy jet. Only have limited time so prefernto fly not take the train.
Do we need to clear passport control flying AF from BUD to CDG ( arrive terminal 2F) and AF from CDG to ATL ( depart terminal 2E)?
Hi everyone
Do I have to go through Immigration at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport ?between 2E and 2C or do I have to get visas?
Can someone tell me how to get from terminal E to Terminal 2F and whether I have to go out of the secure area and then go through security and customs again?
flying from RDU to CDG then to Toulouse France will my bags check straight through to Toulouse on Delta/AirFrance or will I have to recheck them and go through customs at CDG or will I go through customs at Toulouse?
We arrive in Terminal 2A on American and need to get to Terminal 1 to catch a connection to Munich on Lufthansa. From another site, it appears that we will have to clear both passport control and security. Is that correct? Also, how do we get from Terminal 2A to Terminal 1 (walk?), and is 2 1/4 hours between flights likely to be sufficient cushion? We will be arriving in Business Class, so I believe we get fast-track/sky priority. Thank you.
Sorry, I should have mentioned that our inbound American flight is from the US (DFW).
HI all. We have a flight leaving from terminal 2f we have lounge access for the air Canada lounge which is in terminal 2a. I was looking online it shows you can walk from one to another. The CDG airport says it a 15 min walk which is fine. Is their any security checkpoints that we will have to go through. I know that CDG airport is a pain sometimes.
We are arriving at Terminal 1 CDG from Denver. It turns out our next flight also leaves from Terminal 1. Are we going to need to go through passport control in order to board our Swiss Air flight?
Yes, you will be entering the Schengen Area in Paris so you go through Schengen Entry Passport control there. Terminal 1 is fairly simple compared to the other terminals at CDG.
I have connected flight from terminal 2f( air france) to 2a( omman air) .I will pick up my luggage at my final destination. Is one hour is enough time to transfer between these terminals ? Will I need immigration and security checks ? How much time will take ? I am confused because I heard horrible stories about airport ? Anyone guide me please