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Hi, I have a flight from Birmingham Uk to Nice, France. I have to transfer in CDG with a layover of only 1.10hrs. My flight arrives from BHX at terminal 2E and the flight to Nice departs from terminal 2F. Do I have enough time to make the connection? Both flights are with Air France.
Yes, that should be enough time.
Thank you Zap!
Hello! I am planning on traveling from the US to Madagascar by flying through CDG. Due to ticketing needs, I'm planning to book a United Airlines flight from the US to CDG, then book an Air France flight from CDG to Madagascar. This will be on two separate reservations, so I anticipate needing to pick up bags & re-check then go through customs twice when connecting. Does anything think there will be an issue, especially if it's a 3-3.5 layover time?
If you have over 3 hours you should be OK if the United flight is on-time.
i am booked on a flight from Montreal to Paris with a 2 hour stop in Paris and a connection to Naples. i am considering buying an extra ticket for Paris Rome Naples at a later time in case i miss connection. my luggage is gong directly to Naples, will i have to retrieve luggage in paris if i use the extra ticket.
Yes, if you use the extra ticket you will need to have your bags only tagged to Paris and claim them in Paris. However, if your Montreal-Paris-Naples ticket is all on the same reservation I think you have enough time.
Hi guys,
Need help and advise regarding below situation.

- I will arrive at CDG @ 07:10 on Terminal 1 by Qatar
- I will cont'd go to Rome @ 10:55 on Terminal 2F by Alitalia
(only have 3 hrs 45 minutes, let say 3 hrs so do not in hurry)

Is it 3 hrs, enough for me to clear immigration, claim my luggage, pass security check at terminal 1 and go to Terminal 2F then check in, put my luggage, clear immigration and wait on boarding.

I'm afraid that I can't catch up the next flight to go to Rome..

Please advise guys.
Thanks in advance
yes, additional info. my plane will arrive at CDG on Monday 09 May 2017.
sorry, I mean Tuesday 09 May 2017.
That should be just enough time. Note that you will go through security in Terminal 2E, not 1. You will also not have to go through immigration again in 2E. Flying from France to Italy is like flying on a domestic flight.
I wanted to see if a connection was possible. Delta flight from US arriving 2E at 8:05AM. Possible Vueling flight to Seville terminal 3 at 9:40AM. In most airports this would be no problem, but CDG makes me wonder. US citizens, so we'd have to go have tp go through passport control. could we make this work?
With checked bags - totally impossible. Without checked bags not in peak season, maybe possible.
I appreciate any feedback that you can provide..

My incoming flight to CDG arrives at 8:30A (Air France from Barcelona) and my outgoing flight leaves at 11:55A (United Airlines to Washington, D.C.).

Will 3 1/2 hours be enough time to transfer from terminal 2E to terminal 1 with checked luggage?

If it makes any difference, the fight is on a Monday (12/5/16).

Thanks in advance!!
That should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I hope you can assist me. I am flying from Heathrow on AirFrance flight and will arrive CDG at 2:30pm. I have a connecting flight with Qatar Airways at 4:10pm. Is 1 hour and 30 minutes enough transfer time? Looking forward to hearing from you.
With checked bags that would be pretty much impossible.
Thanks Zap for your prompt response. Now I have decided to just forget my ticket and instead booked the train. If I catch the train from London to Paris, where will I get off to catch my flight at CDG T1. What time should I catch from London so I have enough time for the transfer. Thanking you so much for your assistance.
There is just one TGV/Eurostar/Thalys station at CDG. From there you take the CDGVAL to T1. I would book a train that arrives in CDG at least 2.5 hours before your flight.
I am coming in from Toronto to CDG terminal 3 at 12:10. I then have a connecting flight from terminal 2D - gate closes at 14:10 2 hours later - flight leaves at 14:40. Is that enough time 2 hours to clear customs, pick up my one checked bag, check the bag w Easyjet and get to the gate? I know I have to take the CDGVAL train from T3 to T2.
If you can recommend anything to make it quicker would appreciate it to get to my connecting flight which is domestic flight to Biarritz, France.
I have already checked in with Easyjet and have my boarding pass. I am not familiar w CDG airport at all.
forgot to say flights are on Sun Sept 11/16 - not sure if it makes a difference
That will be difficult with checked bags. No, the date shouldn't make a difference.
Zap really appreciate the reply. If I have the bags checked through from Toronto to Biarritz would I still be able to make it? I would not have to go out to baggage claim and go back through security? I had 5 hrs originally between flights but Transat moved the flight back.
I'm arriving on a DL flt into Term 2E and need to transfer to AF Term 2F. I have 1 hour 15 minutes. Is that enough time?
That should be enough time.
We are arriving Air Canada at 7:45 am terminal 2A and departing easy jet terminal 2B at 11:40 is that enough time?
That should be enough time. if you have checked bags you will have to transfer them yourself between airlines.