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From Hall K: It's a two floors bldg. I need to take "Yellow Rote " bus. Do I need to go down by escalator and go outside, what is the exit No or it's just one exit? Is the exit on the same level?
From Hall L: It's one floor bldg.? are there 2 exits or one to go outside for "Yellow Route" bus?
From Hall M: Same question as for hall L, to catch "Red Route" bus.
Option: To go to 2F and than by "Orange Route" bus without security and passport control? Tks
Arriving from JFK 8am terminal 2E, leaving for Venice 9:35am terminal 2F. Is that enough time to get between terminals including passport check? Flight is on a Wed late November. Both flights Air France on same ticket, luggage checked through.
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Does anyone have suggestions or info on the most efficient/quickest way to get from 2E to 2F? I don't know which hall we'll be landing in, but since it's a flight from NYC I assume the farthest one. Of course we want to do everything we can to make things go smoothly. Thanks
Hi,We come from LHR 12.05pm and flying to Corsica 12.05pm, just wondering if we have enough time (2hr) to make a transfer from terminal 2E and get to 2G?
Yes, that should be enough time.
Hi. I am flying from UK on Thursday arriving terminal 2E and connection is 1 and a quarter hours later from 2G not sure if I will need to go through passport control and if I can make the connection
I have a 1 hour connection time from a flight from Vienna, (Terminal 2A), then connecting to Delta flight to Cincinnati (Terminal 2B).
Do you have a question?
Sorry is that enough time?
Coming from Chicago to paris and then to Chennai. Want transit terminal transfer map & other details.
I am arriving from Los Angeles in Terminal 2E and connecting to Terminal 2F to Budapest. I have 1 hour and 10 minutes if the flight arrives on time. Is this enough time? Is Air France good at rebooking passengers if flights are delayed? Thank you.
That should be just enough time. CDG T2 is sort of a zoo during the summer, so be prepared.
Thank you for your prompt reply. I am hyperventilating at the thought of the transfer.
Hi, All :) - arriving at CDG on XL Airlines at Terminal 2A from the US at 4:40pm - connecting on a SEPARATE EasyJet flight to Milan at 7:25pm in Terminal 2D. Is this enough time (2 1/2 hours) to move between terminals, clear customs, pick up baggage (etc.) and check in for the 2nd flight?
That's barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Thanks so much for your quick response :)
I thought that might be too tight a transfer window and have opted for a later connecting flight.
Cheers, Zap - greatly appreciated!

I am just wondering how long it took you to transfer from 2A to 2D and go through customs and recheck. I am going from 2E to 2D and need to recheck on EasyJet. If flight from US arrives on time I have 3.5 hours. Will that be perfectly fine?
We are arriving at CDG, Terminal I, from ATL at 10:45a. We need to transfer from Terminal I to 2G for a 12:45p flight to Ljubljana. Will this allow enough time to transfer terminals? Is there a passport and customs check between the two? Thank you!
I is the terminal you depart from Atlanta. Both of your flights will be in Terminal 2. You should have enough time.
I will be arriving at Terminal 3 from Norway and will be connecting to Terminal 2F for an Air France flight to Milan . Will I have to clear passport control ? How do I get from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2F?
there is no passport control in terminal 3 about a 10 min walk to train then you will have to check in at terminal 2. But since Norway is in Schengen you wont have any problems aside from the time to check in and go through passport control to reach your gate. So that a ticketing check in and baggage drop and a passport check to reach your gate. I would guess an hour would be the fastest you can get to 2f
We're arriving CDG from Detroit with a connecting flight to Moscow (SVO). From what I can gather the flight arrives in Terminal 2E and departs from 2E to Moscow. Is there any customs check we have to go through?