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  • shuttle bus transfer from 2F to 2G
    Dec 20, 2012
    I arrive at terminal 2F and depart from 2G - ifly say a shuttle transfer bus is needed but does not say time needed and where to collect bus


    At arrival at CDG go to exit 6 on the pedestrian footbridge. Then take the free Aeroports de Paris N2 shuttle to Terminal G - it runs every 6 mins.


  • Terminal Change
    Dec 8, 2012
    I arrive at Terminal 2F and need to take a connection from Terminal 2E. I only have one hour and twenty minutes to change terminals. How long will it take me to get there? Merci!


    According to CDG, there are 2 connections: (1) International Connection: Follow 'Flight Connections' sign; take fraa Aeroports de Paris shuttle to TE. (2) Other Flight Connections: after debarkation, follow 'Exit & Baggage Reclaim" sign; then follow sign for Terminal 2E.


  • Going from 2E to 2A
    Dec 5, 2012
    How long and what is the best way to go from 2E to 2A. I have someone arriving after I get there. I arrive at 2E. So is there a transport that I can take from 2E to get to 2A?


    Transferring at CDG, Terminal 2 - from Satellite 2E to Satellite 2A - is different for (A)international flight connections or (B) other flight connections: (A) 1. follow 'Flight Connections sign; 2. take free Aeroports de Paris shuttle to 2A (runs every 15-30 mins. (B); on exiting the plane, follow signs for "Exit - Baggage Reclaim"; after going through passport control & customs, follow signs to T2A - or - go to exit 2.04 and take the free Aeroports de Paris shuttle to T2A, running every 18-25 mins


  • how far?
    Dec 1, 2012
    I arrive at 2E tomorrow and my family arrive at 2B ROUGHLY 15 MINS LATER BUT THE TRANSFER IS PICKING US UP FROM 2B....How long will it take me to get over to them and is it far as i will be on my own with my young daughter?


    Upon arrival at DeGaulle Airport passing the non-Schengen passport control, & claiming your bags, take the free 'Aeroports de Paris' shuttle from Satellite 2A to Satellite 2B. The shuttle runs every 15-30 mins (depending on time of day).


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