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I am a us citizen.
Traveling from lax to Budapest Delta
Connection at Charles de Gaulle.
Terminal e arrive at Charles de Gaulle.
Connection terminal f wth air France
What will I expect and best way to accomplish?
Thank you
You will just go through Schengen entry passport control and follow signs to your departure gate.
Hi, I have a question regarding the transit between 2E and 2D. My wife and kids will be traveling via CDG and arrive in terminal 2E with their next departure from 2E after 5hrs. The lounge access that she will have is in 2D or in 2A. How long should she plan on the travel to and back from the lounge? Also, will she have to pass through passport control - she has an Indian passport with a US green card.
Coming in to Terminal 2A on American Airline/Denver and making connections to Air France to Toulouse, FR.
What terminal do I go to for the Air France flight to Toulouse, France? Thank you!
Leaving SFO arriving at CDG first , then continue from CDG to Biarritz.
Is 3 hours and 25 minutes enough time layover to make connection?
Hello we will be arriving at CDG from DUB at 9:40 in terminal 1. We will be leaving on AA in terminal 2 at 1:10. Is this sufficient time? We will have a checked bag and carry on.
Yes, that should be enough time.
when flying on Alitalia operated by air france wherr do I make my connection coming from rome to cdg to atl
I will be landing in LHR from JFK in 2 months at 8:10am. I just bought a flight to CDG on Air France that departs at 9:45am. That leaves me an hour to get to the terminal. Do you I have to go through passport control? Will I make it or do you suggest not bringing a checked baggage? I read that I have to take a bus that runs every 20 minutes from one terminal to the other.
What airline are you flying from JFK?
British Airways from JFK to LHR and Air France from LHR to CDG
Yes, you will have to go through passport control if you bring checked bags. I think you can make it if you don't bring checked bags.
I'm flying from Nice on AirFrance arriving at 8:45 am. Is this early enough to catch my Delta flight onward to Salt Lake City USA departing at 10:55? No checked bags but the tickets are separate. Thanks!
Yes, that should be enough time. If you can't check in online for your Delta flight you should be able to get your Delta boarding pass at their transfer desk.
I am coming from Prague August 21,2017 into Charles de Galle. My arrival time is 9:00 a.m. Into Terminal 2D.
I leave at 10:40 from 2E.
I called Air France and they confirmed doors close 30 minutes prior to take off, which in this case will be 10:00. I have been watching the flight from Prague and it often has a landing time of 9:10-9:15.
I have read it's 10 minutes of fast walking from 2D to passport control.
Then once through that I have to get through Terminal 2E to the M gates. I am told my only option to get to the M gates is transport of some kind.
Does anyone know exactly where I go for this?
And how often does this run?
My estimate is to allow at least 15 minutes for this.
Then walking to my gate, which has been running at gates 42 and above. So total 20 minutes for this?
So if I start off the plane at 9:15 and walk 10 minutes, then allow another 20 to get to my gate, that leaves no more than 25 minutes to clear passport control.
This seems unachievable to me from the posts I have read.
Can another confirm that I at least have a chance of getting through passport control in 25 or less minutes?
Thank you so much
Where are you flying from Paris to?
I am flying to JFK which is the M Gates of terminal 2 E.
It looks like passport control is in my arrival Terminal D correct? Then I walk to 2 E and get what looks like buses to the M Gates. I have been told those are busy and leave only every 9 minutes. From some maps it looks like it might be faster for us to walk from D to F as it appears there is a walkway between F and the L Gates where I could catch the bus there.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Arriving June 3 at 11:05 am on Air France Terminal 2E. Would like to fly Air France to Marseilles Terminal 2F. Haven't bought ticket yet. Is 1 hr 55 minutes between flights enough time, or should I be very cautious and take the next flight with a 4 hour window? Should I check my bag or would carryon be best option? I have Global Entry membership. (Second post - forgot to include email address)
Global entry doesn't do anything for you in Europe. 1 Hr 55 mins is enough time if both flights are on the same reservation.
They're not. I haven't made the reservation yet on the CDG to Marseille leg as yet.