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  • Transfer from HK to nice
    Oct 17, 2013
    I arrive at CDG 2a on Cathay pacific from HK at 645am. My flight to Nice is airfrance from CDG 2f at 825am. So basically I have 100 mins to transfer and my bags will be checked thru. A bit nervous because it looks like I have to take the shuttle bus. The only other option because everything is sold out is to take a 11am from Orly. Any advice


    The T2 complex consists of Terminals T2A through T2G. Terminals T2A/T2B, T2D/T2C & T2F/T2E are divided north/south by their garages, and Separate & parallel Concourse buildings L & M (referred to as 'Halls L & M') are between T2E/2F. Follow signs on arrival to your connecting Terminal F.


    Do I have enough time


  • Terminal 2E (AF to Delta US flight)
    Oct 11, 2013
    Flying into Paris from Aberdeen (AF)- transferring within 2E for a Delta flight to Detroit (British National). Do I just follow the flight connections signs to the departure gate? I believe there's 3- K; L; M. Anyone know what the likely arrival and departure gates will be? (AF- Delta). Cheers.


    On arrival at Terminal 2E (T2E) find your flight number and gate on the overhead screen. (Level 2 of T2E has two security checkpoint for either K or L & M satellite gates. Straight on it will lead to Gates K21-K54; while the shuttle train will take you to either of the separate satellite buildings of Concourse L (gates L21-53) or Concourse M (gates M21-50)


    Cheers !! Heard CDG was a bit of a nightmare, so thought i'd check.


  • terminal 1 to 2f
    Sep 30, 2013
    I have an air france flight from Marsielle to CDG- it arrives Terminal 1, then I need to go to T2F back to Newark- I have 1 hour and 45 min. is that enough time-


    At Paris deGaulle Airport, the CDGVAL is the light-rail airport shuttle (CDGVAL) runs between T1 & T2F, stopping at Parking PR, near Hilton Hotel / Ibis. Your transfer time should be enough.


  • 2 DE TO 2E HELP ?
    Sep 22, 2013
    I HAVE 1 HOUR TO CATCH A FLIGHT OUT FROM 2E AND ARRIVE AT 2D so can we make it ? Bags checked in so just hand lugguage. I know we need to clear passport control and security as the flight is out of EU


    After passport control at T-2D, follow signs to T-2E (Layout: T2D & T2C, as well as T2F & T2E are on opposite sides) - caution: T-2E has K gates, but also has, in separate buildings, M & L gates. If your connection is at M or L gates, you would need to take the shuttle at T2-E to either Concourses L or M. 1 hour could be quite tight or may not be enough for L or M transfers.


  • T2F to T2A
    Jul 29, 2013
    my flight land at T2F (ETA 1730) and i have connection flight at T2A (ETD 2120). 2 flight is operated by different airline is it have enough time for transit? can i walk fm T2F to T2A? if yes, how long do it take?


    CDG's guide to Terminals 2 transfers has been 'temporarily unavailable'. However, open the overview map at If both flights are on one ticket, your bags will be automatically transferred; if not, you need to collect them and re-check them in with your next airline.


  • Lockers?
    Jul 22, 2013
    I have a longer layover in Paris and I am planning to go look around for a while in the city, but I want to make sure if there are lockers available at the airport to store hand luggage until I return? If there is, where is it in the airport and any idea of costs? THANKS!




  • AlItalia to Air France
    Jul 22, 2013
    Hi, I'm traveling from Rome to US and connecting via CDG. I believe I don't have to change terminals as I am arriving via Alitalia and departing with Air France booked through deltavacations, but have 1 hour in between to connect. Do I need to go through customs if it's the same terminal (2F) ? Thanks.


    At CDG Alitalia uses T2D, F & G, while Air France uses T2C, D, E F. If You arrive at 2F (Schengen /domestic flights). Your ticket should indicate which terminal you depart from, T2C, T2D, T2E or T2F. For transfers open: - click on your arriving and on your departing terminals; then follow instructions below it for connections.


  • Terminal 2G to TGV (Terminal 2F)
    Jul 17, 2013
    Hi, i arrive at terminal 2G from Italy (Airfrance HOP), at 9:00 and my TGV depart at 9:58, i don't have to retire a baggage, this time it's enough? thanks


    You should be able to make transfer on time: Among T2 terminals T2A through T2G, T2G is at the very right end of them. Two buildings (Halls L & M) are in between T2G T2F. A shuttle bus will take you to the parking garage P-EF across from P2F, where you need to go through security check before proceeding to your connecting gate.


    Thanks, but in this Map: The shuttle arrive directly to the Parking at floor #5, and this map show elevator down to TGV rails station...


  • Land and depart T2E
    Jul 15, 2013
    I have 2 hours between flts . I land and depart at 2E coming from Cairo and connecting to Santo Domingo. I have to go to baggage reclaim coz i'm traveling with a pet and check my baggage at the Air France counter. Do i have to pass by passport control? is 2 hours enough time to do all this process?


    I suggest you open and click on "Procedures & Practical Information" under 'Plan your Trip',and find "Passengers with a Pet" at left side. Will all depend on how long it takes to retrieve your pet, plus time for passport control, baggage retrieval and re-check.


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