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  • 1 hr 25 min connection time enough?
    Apr 8, 2016
    Hi, I am travelling to Malta with a connection at CDG. My flight gets into CDG at 8.20am at terminal 2E and then CDG>Malta flight departs at 10.15am from Terminal 2D. Is 1hr 55 mins enough time in between? Also, travelling back the connections are at Rome and CDG Rome FCO Terminal 1 lands at 14:00 > Rome - Fiumicino Apt (FCO) Terminal 1 departs at 15:25 (1hr 25 minutes layover) Paris (CDG) Terminal 2F lands at 17:35 > Paris (CDG) Terminal 2C departs at 19:00 (1hr 25 minutes layover) The visa is Schengen and the flights will be booked on the same ticket on Air France. will I make it on time? Thanks!!


    Where are you flying into CDG from on your first flight? I think you have enough time.


    Mumbai. Thanks for the response!!


    In that case it's just enough time assuming the flight from Mumbai is on-time.


  • Vienna to CDG to Boston
    Apr 7, 2016
    We are US citizens arriving at 7:40AM on American Airlines and then leaving at 9PM to Vienna on Niki. During our layover we plan to go into the city for a few hours. I have already accounted for 3 hours to make it from the city to our departure gate. Am I correct? I assume Niki is in terminal 3? Our return flight connection is the one I am worried about. We arrive at 8:10AM from Vienna on Niki. Our next flight is on American Airlines at 11AM. is 2 hours (rounding down) enough time to make this connection? I cannot find any info online about what we will need to do to transfer terminals. This is on 1 reservation and I have confirmed with AA that our baggage will be checked through to our destination each way. Also, how accurate is the wait times page for CDG here on ifly?


    The wait times listed on ifly are not accurate. 2 hours is very borderline on your way back as you will arrive in Terminal 3 and have to take the CDGVAL to Terminal 2, go through Schengen Exit Passport control and security and then to your gate.


    Thank you. The actual layover on the way back is 2hrs 50min but I am figuring 2 hours just in case. On our way there and trip into the city, am I correct in planning on 3 hours? The flight will be at 9pm on Niki on a Friday. Niki is in terminal 3?


    Yes, that sounds about right. Yes Niki uses T3. T3 is adjacent to the RER train station to the city.


  • T2F to T1 connection in 3hrs 10 mins
    Apr 6, 2016
    Hi, I booked two flights on a separate ticket without really thinking about it. We are a family of 4, and are arriving from Berlin to CDG at 8:50AM (Terminal 2F). There we have to transfer to catch a plane to Perth, Australia, which leaves at 12 o'clock (midday). Will we have enough time to make the connection from T2F to T1 in 3hrs and 10 minutes (not to mention we have to be there before the check in desk closes for international flights). Since the flights are not on a through ticket, will waiting for our luggage, clearing security, then rechecking our luggage and clearing security again be impossible in this time?


    That should be enough time. You don't have to go through security twice. Just after you check your bags in T1. You will also go through Schengen Exit passport control in T1. There are no passport controls on your flight from Berlin because Germany and France are both in the Schengen Area.


  • Toulouse to CDG to US
    Apr 5, 2016
    We will be flying Air France TLS to CDG, then Icelandair to the US via Reykjavik. The tickets were booked separately. We have 2.5hr in between flights and arrive Terminal 2F and depart Terminal 1. If we do not check luggage and check in online, can we just go right to our gate? If we check luggage, is there enough time? Thank you for your help!


    You can't go right to your gate. T2 and T1 are only connected outside security by the CDGVAL, so you will have to go through security again in T1. I suggest not checking baggage.


  • short lay over
    Apr 5, 2016
    I will be flying from ORD CDG CMN with one 1:10 man lay over , would that be enough time and what is the procedure please . Thank you .


    On air France


    All you have to do in Paris is go to your departure gate. That should be enough time if your flight from Chicago is on-time.


  • Connecting flights booked seperatly
    Apr 2, 2016
    We are thinking of flying from NCE to CDG and then CDG to LAX on the same day with 2.5 hours between flights. It looks like we will arrive from NCE at terminal 2F and have to get to 2E to depart to LAX. Would this be enough time if we do not have any checked baggage? These flights are connecting flights but we would be booking them seperatly so I know that we would have to check in again. If we check in online earlier does that save time and we just go through passport control and security? Thank you for your time!


    Yes, that should be plenty of time. You can get your LAX boarding pass at the transfer desk in Paris if you don't get it online.


    Thank you for your response. Do you think this will be enough time if we do want to check in bags? We are debating this. In this case if the airport isn't wiling to send it through then we would have to pick up our bags from the baggage claim and recheck them in. We prefer to check in bags but not if its going to make us miss our next flight. Please let us know, thank you!


    I think it would be enough time. Also if both flights are on Air France I'm pretty sure they would check your bags through.


  • GVA-CDG-BOS (2h10 connection time at CDG enough?)
    Apr 8, 2016
    Dear all I am very new to this forum and hoping to have an answer for my question regarding connection time at CDG in order to buy the ticket. First of all, thank you for your valuable time. I would like to book a flight from Geneva- Paris- Boston. The connection time at Paris CDG will be 2h10. I do not know at which terminal we will arrive and from which we will depart from CDG. All I understood by reading many comments is that CDG connections are complicated. Please advise me whether the connection time is feasible. Do you also know at which terminal we will arrive at CDG and from which terminal we have to depart from CDG to Boston? Every help is appreciated. Thank you a lot in advance. Await your reply. Best Regards Emphilan


    Yes, that should be enough time. Both flights will be in Terminal 2 if they are both Air France, but they will likely be in different sections of T2.


    Dear ZAP Thank you so very much. GVA to CDG is with AIR FRANCE and from CDG TO BOS is with DELTA. We have 2h10 minutes to catch our flight to BOS. Is it advisable to book this flight? Please note, it is a one ticket but flights are different but they are partners. Please advise us. Best regards Emphilan


  • Ewr-cdg-cph
    Mar 22, 2016
    I will be flying in from USA on United to terminal 1!and departing on SAS terminal 1. Will I have to leave terminal 1 to go through passport control? Or is there passport control in this terminal? How long will it take about?


    Yes, since all United flights arrive there there is Schengen Entry passport control there. You will just go through passport control then enter the Schengen pier of the terminal where the SAS gates are.


  • Getting from 2F to 2E
    Mar 22, 2016
    While on the map of the terminal - this seems almost inconsequential, I am wondering about transferring from terminal 2F (arriving on Air France from Florence) to termianl 2E (departing on Air France for Edinburgh). I have only 50 minutes between flight arrival and departure. Assuming the arrival isn't late - is that enough time? Do I need to go through passport control again? Or can I just walk from my gate in 2F over to my departure gate in 2E? I am assuming I won't have to handle my checked baggage since it is carrying on on Air France. Any comments or suggestions???


    You will go through Schengen Exit passport control in Paris. You should have just enough time. Just follow the signs to your departure gate.


  • 2C to 2F
    Mar 22, 2016
    I have an international connection Moscow-Paris-Miami with only 1 hour layover between 2C and 2F. Is this enough time and how to commute better please?


    I think this will be pretty difficult. However, you will just have to go through security and to your departure gate. I guess you have a chance.


  • transfer from term 2E to term 2G
    Mar 22, 2016
    Am arriving terminal 2 E.. 1 hr 20 min later depart Terminal 2 G for 2 80 +. Are elect carts available ??


    You should request wheelchair service. You should have enough time.


    Is security an issue from International to domestic 2 E to 2 G.. all on AF do we have to leave and renter etc...


  • connecting from T1 to T2F on 2 tikcets
    Mar 22, 2016
    Hi would like to see if anyone can advice on if this is possible. We will be arriving CDG T1 at 1:45pm on Lufthansa. Traveling from the US but the flight will be coming in from Frankfurt where we'll be connecting. Would like to get on a 4:15pm AF flight to Bordeaux departing from T2F. The flight to Bordeaux will be a separate ticket. Already checked with Lufthansa and they will NOT do the interline luggage check in for us. Meaning we would need to pick up our checked luggage, check in at AF again. I suspect it is NOT possible but would like to see if anyone would have any advice. Our another option is to take a train that will be departing around the same time from the airport. Obviously plane is preferred if the connection is possible. If someone can also advice if we need to go thru custom and immigration. I was told since we will be connecting in Frankfurt, all those will have to be done there. But would like to confirm with people with first hand experience. Thanks!


    Yes, passport control will be done in Frankfurt. I think you could make that connection.


    Thanks Zap. If I can clarify one more thing. Do we have to go out of the security zone in order to pick up the luggage; then check in at AF and go thru the security again? I understand we would need to take a train to T2F, is that part quick and easy? Thanks again for your advice!


    Yes, you do have to check back in with Air France and go through security. Yes, getting to the CDGVAL in Terminal 1 is fairly simple.


    Thanks Zap. Would you consider this a high risk given we have to recheck our luggage? (and trying to do it in 2.5hr in such a large airport) I guess I don't know how long usually it takes for the luggage to come out. Next flight out is 3 hours later at 7pm and will cost $100 more. What would be your advice? Thanks again.


    I don't consider it high risk. Terminal 1 is super simple compared to the other Terminals so you should have your bags and be on your way to 2F in no time.


  • Toronto to Dubrovnik via CDG - is 1.5 layover in CDG enough?
    Mar 22, 2016
    I have 2 separate flights, one from Toronto arrives in CDG Terminal 2E at 8:45am. My next flight from CDG to Dubrovnik is from same terminal 2E at 10:10am, so I have 1.5 hours in CDG. Is this enough time to clear customs? Do I have to step out of the Terminal 2E? I will not check in any luggage.


    Since you are not checking any baggage you should be able to go directly through passport control and to the transfer desk for your departure airline. You should have enough time.


    I will be flying in from USA on United to terminal 1!and departing on SAS terminal 1. Will I have to leave terminal 1 to go through passport control? Or is there passport control in this terminal? How long will it take about?


  • connection in terminal 2E
    Mar 20, 2016
    I am travelling from Edinburgh dep 6.35 Arr CDG 9.30 into Terminal 2E and have a connecting flight to Los Angeles at 1050 also out of Terminal 2E. Luggage will be booked thro to LAX from Edinburgh and we will only have hand luggage. Is this suffice to time for connection


    That should be plenty of time.


  • CDG connection
    Mar 17, 2016
    We will be flying on AA into CDG terminal 2A from Boston at 7:40am. We then want to fly on AirFrance terminal 2F to Nice at 9:40. Is 2 hours enough time to transfer? We have to collect our bags and then check in with AirFrance. Do we go through Passport control or security at CDG? Thank you transfer? We will have to collect our bags and recheck them and check in with AirFrance. Do we have to pass through passport control or security? Thank you.


    Yes, you will have to go through Schengen passport control, claim your bags, go through customs, go to the Air France domestic check-in, check your bags, and then go through security. I do not think you would have enough time to do all that.


    If we did not check our bags and just took carry-on luggage would we have enough time? Thank you so much, I really appreciate your advice.


    Yes, I think that would be possible then. Try to check in online for your Air France flight before you leave Boston.


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