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Arriving at CDG On Delta from US. I am US citizen.Delta is giving me 1 hour 10 minutes to catch Air France connection to Casablanca, Morocco. Is that enough time? Do I have to thru a passport control?
Bonjour-I am arriving at CDG on Air France flight Sat. 7/1 at 7:45. Is there an approximate amount of time to clear immigration? I am catching a train from Gare de Lyon at 11:23.

Thank you!
I'm flying on United into CDG but my sister is flying on American. She arrives two hours ahead of me. Where is a good place to meet at the airport?

I fly from SFO to Paris,have a 12 hour layover, then to Johannesburg, all on AirFrance. American Citizen and US Passport. Can I LEAVE THE AIRPORT?
If I leave CDG , Will I have to go through customs with my suitcase or can it be checked all the way through from SFO to Johannesburg . How much time before departure to Johannesburg should I get back to CDG?

I will be departing CDG for Johannesburg, from Terminal A at 11:30pm
I hold Indian passport and I am traveling with Delta airlines from US to Mumbai via Paris (layover
If you have a valid US visa and are returning to your native country then you don't need a Schengen Airport Transit Visa.
Thanks for the reply. So even if I have connecting flight with the same airlines , I need to go through immigration process ? Is the US extended visa approval notice suffice or they look specifically at stamped date as per passport ?
Is there a pre boarding interview before you depart to the united states like in Amsterdam?
My flight arrives from the USA at 7:30 am my train leaves to Narbonne at 10:26 is that enough time?
Yes, that is plenty of time.
I will be flying in from Scotland to CDG at 9:25 am and leaving to USA at 3:45 pm. Can I leave airport and have enough time to ride to Eiffel Tower and back in time?
Yes, that should be enough time.
What airlines are you flying? Is everything on the same reservation?
Hi. I will flying back to the United States, from a short trip in Greece and will be flying Air France. I have a long layover at CDG and want to go explore a bit of Paris. I have a US passport, but have read varying input on whether I will need additional documents to be able to leave the airport and then return to check in for the connecting last leg of my flight. Has anyone encountered this situation? If so, how do you make sure if you need something additional or not? Have been told to call the consulate or airlines for info, but wanted to start here.
Thank you :)
You will still be in the Schengen Area when you arrive from Greece, so yes, you can leave the airport.