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Flying Air France to Amsterdam and then on a separate ticket, I am flying to the US on Delta. Will they check my bags straight through, or will I need to retrieve them? I will only have an hour and 45 minutes until the second flight, will I have enough time? Thank you
If you show your Delta confirmation to the Air France agent in Paris, they should tag your bags through to the US but they are not obligated to. If you do have to claim your bags in Amsterdam that will make the connection very difficult.
Please can you tell me where did you collect your dog from . wexare travelling with Turkish airlines and I don't know what happens to the dogs when they are taken off of the plane .
Thank you
I am arriving at 830 am at CDG from Houston. My next flight is at Orly at 1140 am. What is the time from for me tp clear customs,and take a taxi to Orly?
You have zero chance of making that.
I am flying into terminal 2E on Air France flight with my dog brought as excess luggage. Where do I collect her and what's the process for her release please?
Can you tell me what happened as I too have the same question
Thank you
I will be transiting through CDG. I will be flying Air France. Is there a pet relief area in the airport or a grassy area to walk my dog.
Where is gate D68? I don't see it on the terminal map. Is it on a different level?
What airline? What Terminal?
Croatia Airlines, 2D
Arriving 6:55 am on United...terminal one I there a premium line. And estimates on clearing immigration at this time. Thanks
There is no premium line. Immigration in Terminal 1 is usually really easy.
We are traveling by TGV from Avignon to CDG and then flying from Paris to Dublin on Air France. How much time should we allot between train arrival and plane departure?
I would leave 2 hours.
I have a barcode for hold laggage issued by easyjet. Missed the plane between registration on going into the plane - felt asleap because of the delaed flight. Left airport by Airfrance without baggage. My actions now.
You need to contact easyjet with your claim ticket. You could call them or go to their baggage office where you currently are.
If we have a flight in from morocco then out to dominica on a seperate booking, but have no checked luggage, will we need to leave the international transit zone?
I'm flying from Montreal to Paris with Air France then from Paris to Beirut with MEA but with different tickets, issued from different airlines without connection flight. Questions and Options:
1 - Would Air France agrees on routing my baggage to MEA even if the second ticket is not issued by them?
2 - If luggage routing is not acceptable, would i be able to claim my luggage and check them in without having a Schengen VISA?
3 - If above both options are not valid, what would be the solution?

I have already flown from Greece to CDG via Air France, I booked a shuttle ( ) directly to the hotel, the reservation was confirmed 24hr before I leave, I didn't get much trouble, except for parking and where to leave luggage.