Parking Options at Perth Airport

Parking options at Perth Airport:  If you are picking up a passenger at the Airport - use either the bays in front of the short-term carparks which are free for the first 10 mins - OR park in the new Park & Wait lot with 50 spaces, available for up to 90 minutes - the modest fee you pay at the gold coin entry will go to children's charities. (if demand dictates, the lot will be expanded.)

Other parking options at Perth Airport :  
    For Terminals 1 & 2:
The large short-term lots are in front both Terminals 1 & 2.
Long-term parking is available in two lots off Hudswell/ Horrie Miller Road:
   Lot H with pedestrian access from Grogan Road, and
   Lot G south of it (with adjacent small short-term lot.  
    For Terminals 3 & 4: 
FastTrack lot is right across from both terminals, and behind it is the short-term lot. 
Accessible from Dunreath Road are three long-term Lots, A, B, C & D,  and within Lot A is the Park&Wait area. 
FastTrack Business parking is available in the Domestic covered carpark with quick acces to the terminals. 

Payment can be made at the pay stations situated in front of the carparks. Cash & major credit cards accepted. 

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