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We're do they sell Gemini Jets at the airport terminal before security? Thanks
how do they work, how much do they cost
I am emerald one-world member.

Is there a fast track lane to go through security? I saw one in the terminal serving united and delta, but I never saw one in the terminals operated by american. I am European and I not always get the TSA precheck.
Yes, there should be. It is called "Priority" or "Priority AAccess" and OneWorld Emerald are allowed to use it.
I have a four hour layover in PHL, does the wifi allow streaming such as Netflix or Hulu?
I went to the Au Bon Pain near Gate C18 around 3 am and saw that the pastries were half off between 11pm - 4am which I thought was a great deal. When I spoke to the lady about toasting the bagel, she was incredibly rude and kept repeating that her area wasn't open yet so she couldn't help me. I was trying to gain more information and she kept saying "This part is not open" over and over again where I got fed up with her tone of voice and un-helpfulness. I walked out because that kind of service is intolerable.
I can't believe PHL let their standards get so low. The food is gross and overpriced.
I can't believe they have changed the pretzels that they sell. They are no longer "Phildelphia soft pretzels". Their quality is different-and not for the better. They are even made in Pennsauken,NJ!!!!! Bring back the original Philly pretzel.
My sister is flying our of PLL on US Airways and I am traveling on Delta. Will we be able to meet to get something to eat together AFTER we each go through security?
Delta uses both Terminal D (gates D1-16) and Terminal E (gates E-17); US Airways uses Terminal F with gates F1-23. Yes, there are food concessions in the secured area. As Terminal F is separate on the north side of the other terminals, you need to take the shuttle bus (oeprated by US Airways) running between Terminal A & F. International transfers should allow at least 30 minutes to connecting terminals.
Who can I complain regard improperly packaged goods in the duty free shop? Last week I got seized goods at Schiphol airport, which recently purchased the Philadelphia airport. The duty free shop bag was not properly arranged, sealed as suposed to be. Thanks