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  • terminal connection from Halifax
    Feb 7, 2013
    We are arriving from Halifax, Feb 12 on flight 3335 - connecting for Fort Myers Flight 1157. Which terminal will we arrive and which will we leave from. Thank you


    1. At Halifax, go through US Customs clearance, saving you time at PHL. I was able to get flight 1157, which arrives today at gate D7; however, 3335 was not yet on screen. Open & at 'Flight Information in yellow box add your flight number, click on arrival or departure, and hit "Get Flight Info". Once you know your gate numbers, I suggest you open then click on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS and scroll down to the detailed text.


  • Help with connections
    Jan 30, 2013
    I'm traveling alone and I'm flying us airways express Ft 4142 into Phil then out on US Airway Fl 1939 to Fort Myers Fl . Can you tell me what terminal I will be arriving and what terminal I will be Departing? I only have 35 min !


    At PHL, US Airways & US Airways Express use Terminal A-East for domestic flights. You will arrive At Concourse A-East, which has gates A1-13. There, you simply walk to your next connecting gate (look at overhead screens & your boarding pass for gate number).


    Actually, that is completely incorrect. Your flight from Ithaca will arrive in Terminal F and your flight to Ft. Myers will probably depart from Terminal B. You need to take the post-security US Airways shuttle bus from gate F-14 to Terminal B/C. If by chance your Ft. Myers flight departs from Terminal A, take the shuttle to there instead. 35 minutes is pretty tight so hope your first flight is on time.


  • Getting from Terminal F to Terminal A-We
    Jan 25, 2013
    My daughter is flying alone for the first time , arriving at Terminal F from BTV and she has to get to terminal A for a US Air flight to Munich.How does she get from Terminal F to A? her baggage will be transferred, I know that much, but will she have to go through security again? Is it easy to locate the free shuttle bus that will get her over to A? Which terminal A does she go to? hank you- from an anxious Mom!


    There is a transfer bus in the F Terminal that will take your daughter to or near Terminal A, and the bus is very easy to find. She will not have to go through security again. Her terminal will be marked on the "Departure" screens throughout the airport, and it should not be a problem determining which to go to.


  • from Toronto to Philadelpia to Dublin
    Jan 21, 2013
    My daughter and I are flying from Toronto to Philadelpia and then onto Dublin Ireland at the end of Feb. What do we do when the plane lands and do we get our luggage or does it alreadt get transfered. I have never had a connecting flight before


    Toronto Pierson has US customs clearance, saving time on arrival at PHL. Arrival & departure from PHL depends on the airlines she is taking. Before departure, she needs to make sure that her airlines will transfer bags to end destination - if not, she needs to pick up her bags at PHL and check it in with connecting airline before proceeding to connecting flight. I suggest she opens then click on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS and scroll down to the detailed text.


  • transfertime international to domestic
    Dec 31, 2013
    January 15th I will be travelling from Amsterdam to San Francisco with a 2 hour transfer in Philadelphia. Will those two hours be enough to get through customs en re-check in my bags (I am a non US-citizen)? I arrive at 3.50 PM, is this generally a busy hour?


    PHL has 7 passenger terminals: TA-West & East, TB, TC, TD, TE & TF - all with corresponding gates. At PHL, you will arrive at Terminal A-West and need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag (the tag should indicate layover and final destination Airport Codes). Allow at least 35-45 minutes to connecting terminal. HOWEVER, if your airline from Amsterdam does not transfer bags to your connecting airline at PHL, you would have to reclaim your bag after customs clearance and check it in with your connecting airline. A free shuttle bus, operated by US Airways , makes the following connections: at post-security areas between Terminals A-East/ A-West (at gate A1), and Terminal F (at gate F14), and between Terminals B/C (at gate C16) & F (gate F14). 2 hours should suffice in any case.


  • Enough time
    Dec 25, 2012
    arriving from NEW HAVEN, Piedmont Airlines at 4:37 PM, connecting with US Airways to Venice at 6:35PM. Will we haven enough time. And what terminals


    I cannot tell you at what Terminal of PHL Piedmont Airlines will arrive at. US Airways uses Terminal A-East (A gates), and Terminals B & C, while US Airways Express uses Terminal F - Your ticket & the overhead screens on arrival will indicate flight number & gate. I suggest you open, click on "Airport Map" under QUICK LINKS and scroll down to the detailed text and how to get around. 2 hours is plenty of time for transfer. Do contact Piedmont to find out if they will transfer your bags to your US Airways flight; if not, you need to pick up your bag and re-check it in at the US Airways counter before going through security check and on to your gate.


  • Enough transfertime?
    Jan 18, 2013
    Hi, I will going to San Francisco from Amsterdam (Europe) on friday Feb 15th going through Philadelphia. My flight from Amsterdam arrives on 3.50 pm and my connecting flight is on 5.50 pm. I've heard a lot of different stories on delays with security. On previous flights I always had a 3 hour margin, but now a 2 and im worried to not making the connection. Also on my return flight to Europe I have 1 hrs 30 between flights coming from SFO to PHL going to Amsterdam...


    As an international arrival you will be processed at Terminal A-West; After customs clearance & baggage re-check-in, allow 35-40 mins for transfer to domestic flight. I suggest you open, then click on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS and scroll down to the detailed text.


    First, thank you so much for your reply and the link you send. It is helpful. Second, just so I am not misreading it. Does it mean I need to calculate 35-45 min at least for the whole process? Or for both immigration and going through security at the other terminal each, normally? I might be overly worried. I passed through in 08 with 3 hrs to spare and spend 1,5 hrs in a bar to pass time before boarding then lol


    I am facing the similar situation on January 15th. If you want, I could let you know whether I made it or not.


    That would be great, if you could do that. And best of luck (and fun of course) on your trip!


    My plane from Amsterdam had a 45 min delay, and I still made it! (I had to run like Forrest Gump though)


  • Shuttle mayhem at US Air
    Dec 15, 2012
    Can anyone tell me to whom I may complain about the chaos that was the in-house shuttle service between US Air flights 768 and Flt. 3048 on Thurs. 12/13? I waited in a huge line and watched countless other inconsiderate flyers walk directly into the shuttle without interference from attending airport personnel and I want to fix the problem. Thanks, WLG, FL.


    At PHL, free shuttle bus is operated by US Airways - you need to contact US Airways.


  • Transfer from terminal C to Terminal A
    Dec 14, 2012
    My flight from Detroit to PHL with US Airways Dec 17 ; I will arrive at Terminal C and my connection flight to London -US Airways is at 9.10 PM . How I can Take the transfer Train .?? Thank You in advance !!


    On arrival at PHL at Terminal C use the moving walkways (at post-security) to get to Terminal A-East with gates A1-13.


  • International Flight on December 22nd
    Nov 29, 2012
    Hi, I'm kind of worried, because my flight is going from LAX to PHL on December 22nd. I will arrive at 4:35 PM in Philadelphia at Terminal B and my connection flight to Munich, Germany will go at around 6:30 PM. Is it enough time? And what if my flight from LAX - PHL is delayed? Will the Ariline wait for me? I fly with U.S. Airways


    On arrival at PHL you arrive at Concourse A-East (with gates A1-13); you may also depart from there, or from the adjacent Concourse A-West (with gates A14-26) - simply walk over to your connecting gate. You have plenty of time!


  • transfer between a and f
    Nov 28, 2012
    my father is elderly and he arrives at gate a13 and he has 45 minutes to get to f38. is it enough time? can he take the transfer train get off at gate E and walk to f? all domestic.


    At PHL, your father will arrive at Terminal A-East. As Terminal F is separate and further away, a free shuttle bus, operated by US Airways , makes the following connections: at post-security areas between Terminals A-East/ A-West (at gate A1), and Terminal F, at Concourse 2, gate F14, where he needs to follow signs to adjacent Concourse 3 with gates F24-39.


  • Connection from terminal F9 to B13
    Nov 24, 2012
    We have only 50 minutes to make a connection from terminal F to terminal B, both are US Air flights within the US. My husband is also disabled and will need a wheelchair. Can we make it?


    While a special US Airways bus takes you from gate F14 to gate C16, with short walkover to B gates B1-16, you will need to contact US Airways regarding wheelchair assistance; Skycaps can also provide one or you can obtain one at the airline counter. To familiarize yourself with the terminals, open and click on "Terminal Map" under QUICK LINKS, then scroll down to the detailed text. 50 mins is very tight.


  • from canada and connecting at philadelph
    Nov 23, 2012
    we are arriving from Canada at PHL on 8.25 am with US airways, and our flight connection to Orlondo at 10:00 am from terminal B. what are procedures(i.e customs immigration...), and will we have enough time to take our flight connection


    If your departing airport does not have customs clearance, you will arrive at Terminal A-West (TA-West) where you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag where indicated (the tag should indicate layover and final destination Airport Codes). Allow at least 35-45 minutes for this procedure. Otherwise you should arrive at Terminal A-East, where moving walkways get you Terminal B (gates B1 - B16 at post-security. You have enough time.


  • Transfer from Terminal F to Terminal A
    Nov 16, 2012
    I arrive at gate F39 at 501 PM and am connecting to a flight leaving from terminal A8 at 6:05 PM for Zurich. Can I make it?


    Your US Airways Express arrives in Terminal F of PHL Airport and its shuttle bus will take you from gate F14 to Terminal E-East, gate A1 - you have enough time!


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