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arriving at terminal D from LAX need to meet family in Terminal B gate B3 Baggage D
If I am understanding this correctly, you need to meet your family at the baggage claim in Terminal B, so after you land in Terminal D, don't proceed through to the un-secure area of the airport, but instead walk over to Terminal B, and either meet your family at gate B3, or proceed to the Terminal B baggage area.
Flying on AA from Venice with a 2:15 layover and then flying out on AA to SF. Is this enough time to get through customs and board our next flight? Will we need to change terminals? If so, will that be a problem?
Customs at PHL usually is not too busy. But you will need to collect your luggage, re-check it, and pass through security again. However, once you are past one of the 6 security check-points, you are free to go to any of the 7 terminals without having to go through security again. All international flights arrive in terminal A-West, so if your connecting flight is in Terminal A-East you should definitely be good, even if your connecting flight is in B or C, you shouldn't have an issue. Figure 30 minutes at customs/immigration, 15 minutes to re-check your luggage, and 30-45 minutes tops passing through security again. Thats roughly 1.5 hours.
My son (17 years old) will land Terminal A from Paris and will take off from Terminal F to Milwaukee. He has 1H50. Does he need to do clear customs at Philadelphia or is it just a transfer? 1H50 is enough to do the transfer with the shuttle?
I am not too sure what a 1H50 is? However, as far as I know, everyone MUST go through customs/immigration at their first point of entry into the US. After your son clears customs, he will need to recheck his luggage (assuming he checked luggage in the first place) and pass through security again. He can go through any of the check-points and then proceed to terminal F. For example, he can pass through the Terminal A-West (international) check-point and either walk to terminal F or take the free shuttle from gate A-1 or C-16 to get to terminal F.
Help! I arrive at 251pm at Gate B8 & need to get to Gate F5 by 350pm on Friday. 1) is that possible? 2) What is the faster way to do that?

Thanks for the help!
Yes, that is possible. The fastest way is probably to walk.
Great. Thanks for the help!
Definitely possible. You could also take the free shuttle from gate A-1 or C-16
I am slightly disabled. What is the best and fastest way to make my connection?
Are there taxis inside the airport for handicapped people?
You need to contact your airline and request wheelchair service. The airlines are in charge of that, not the airport.
Hi, have a connecting flight at PHL.
Arriving with a BA flight from LHR at terminal A, connecting to CUN with an AA flight from the same terminal (A). How does the security check work, I have 2hrs in between the flights, enough time?
You have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security, and to your departure gate. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
We have a 1 hour connection arriving Terminal F going to Terminal C. Is it quicker to walk or take shuttle. Is walk all inside the airport
It's faster to walk to C. Yes, you can walk all inside security.
I will be arriving from the UK into PHL on an American Airlines flight, Assuming Terminal A for US Immigration and Customs. I then will be connecting to a Delta domestic flight. When I pick up my bags from American, will I be able to check them in At Terminal A or will I need to take them to Delta ticketing in Terminal E and if so how do I go from A to E?
You will have to take your bags to Terminal E to check them with Delta. The only way is to walk along the curbfront.
How long will it take to get from terminal F to terminal A? Thank you!
15-20 minutes on the shuttle.