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Once I land in PHL, do I need to go to baggage claim, get my bag, then go thru customs to get on my next flight? I have 1 1/2 hours between flights.
Where are you flying into Philadelphia from? I can't answer your question without knowing that.
My son is flying in through PHL on the way to Vegas,I have never been through PHL are there any tips that can help a make the transfer as easy as poss?
It is not a difficult transfer. Just follow the signs. However, if he arrives on American Eagle (a regional jet), he will have to take a shuttle bus from Terminal F to his departing Terminal. Have him check his arrival and departure gate online before departing using a site like Flightview.
flying from lhr to charlotte then on to atlanta we have 21/2 hours is that enough time and then on way bak its atlanta to phildelphia we only have 11/2 hours but am i right in thinking we only have to get off plane and go to gate bags should follow to lhr flight .is that enough time and i dont suppose anyone know how far the terminals are apart
Yes you should have enough time both ways. Your London flights will be in Terminal A and your Atlanta flights will be in Terminals A, B, or C.
Is it short and easy to connect phl american to american eagle PHL to Portland Maine???
It is not a terribly difficult connection. You will arrive at either Terminal A, B, or C, and will take a shuttle bus to Terminal F for your American Eagle flight. The two shuttle stations are located at gates A1 and C1. F you have 40 or more minutes, you will have no issues, barring a delay.
Is it simple to use American Air terminals at PHL
to connect with American air flights?? going PHL TO PORTLAND MAINE
Yes, that should be a fairly easy connection. There's no need to post the same question twice.
Later this year I will be arriving on an international flight into Terminal A. I need to catch a connecting flight on Frontier Airlines in Terminal E. These flights are booked on two separate tickets and I have five hours to make the connections which should be enough time. I know I will have to go through customs and then security again. What is the best way to get from Terminal A to the ticketing desk in Terminal E, with my baggage?
The only way is to walk along the curbfront outside the terminals.
Hi, I'm a UK citizen and will be coming home from Bermuda through PHL with a connection to Heathrow (return flight, I go out direct) will I have to go through USA security and collect my bag as if I was staying in the USA and then go back through check-in as if I were a new passenger? Thanks. Never done it this way before.
In Bermuda you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs. In Philadelphia all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Hi there. I will be flying from Portland, ME through PHL to YYZ (Canada). My itinerary mentioned it would be a terminal change. Do you know what terminal I will have to switch to? Is 65min sufficient time to catch the bus and make it to the next terminal? I will not be checking any bags. Thanks!
There may or may not be a terminal change, your flights could use Terminals B, C, or F. 65 minutes is enough time.
I hope to fly into Philadelphia early morning and take a flight to Lax. I will use the same airline. How much time should I allow so I do not miss my flight especially if we end up sitting after landing.
Where are you flying into Philadelphia from?
I am flying from Avoca (Scranton Wilkes Barre) hopefully on a 6 am flight and want to allow plenty of time to catch a flight to LAX. I would rather wait in the airport than miss my connection. How much time would you allow. I have not purchased my ticket yet until I have an idea of the time needed.
Anything over an hour should be more than sufficient.
My flight arrives at TF and I will have to claim my bag, then get to TA to recheck my bag with British Airways. Never had to do this before and really need some help with the logistics. Until today I thought my AA flight would land at B or C. I'm on two different itineraries and AA has told me I can not check my bag all the way through, but will have to claim and check it back in again.
You'll have to claim your bag in the Terminal F baggage claim and go up to the departure level and carry it to Terminal A along the curbfront. It's a bit of a long walk but is doable.