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Hi - I'm travleing from Glasgow to Orlando via Philadelphia on the 8th May. We have 2hrs 10mins to make our connecting flight. Will this be enough time to collect bags, recheck them, go through security etc? Thanks
Yes, that is enough time if everything goes smoothly.
We are coming in on an international flight from CDG on Delta, but changing to an AA flight. Do all of the international flights come into the same customs and departure close to each other? We would have 90 mins between flights. Is that enough time?
If you have checked bags that connection time will be nearly impossible. Without checked bags it will be possible but still difficult.
Have 90 minutes between arriving international flight from Barcelona to domestic flight to Phoenix.. Party of 5.. Is this enough time for a returning international connection?
That is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
I am traveling from Ottawa-PHL-Atlanta with a layover of 50 min. in PHL. (AA4149 & AA2016) Do I need to re-check my baggage here and is this time enough for all, baggage claim, re-check, customs & immigration clearance and boarding? (I am not a US citizen)
Since this is an international flight, your port of entry will be PHL. Having said that, you will go through the immigration process, then grab your luggage, then go through customs. After customs you will put your luggage back on a belt. Staff is there to assist you. After that you will still have to go through another security check before you can proceed to your next flight. 50 minutes is not enough time to make the connection in my opinion.
Britta is completely incorrect. Ignore her post. You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Ottawa. All you have to do in Philadelphia is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
Perfect answer! This is what exactly happened! For the benefit of others, we will clear Immigration/Customs in Ottawa itself. I got my baggage also checked-in until the final destination but that is something we need to check with Airlines.
Britta- Though this is the usual procedure, this did not happen when I come from Ottawa. As ZAP answered, I have cleared Immigration/Customs in Ottawa itself. Thanks for your response though :)
EOM flying American flight 1882 from RDU to SDQ via Philly. Only have 38 minutes to make connection to American 847 to SDQ. Can you help me with the following question(s)? Thanks. What terminal will we arrive at on RDU flight? What terminal will we depart from on SDQ flight? Distance between the two terminals? Would it be wise to spend extra $15 for seats in front of plane?
You will arrive in Terminal A, B, or C. You will depart from Terminal A or B. You can walk inside security between all terminals and gates. Whether or not it's worth $15 is up to you, but it is a fairly risky connection.
My flight in April is gonna arrive in terminal f at 3pm and my connecting flight to Dallas says it generally leaves from either terminal b or c at 413. I am a fairly fast walker. Would it be best to walk or take the shuttle in that time?
Either should probably work. I would walk.
EOM flying from Columbus OH to Aruba via Philly. Only have 35 minutes to make connection to Aruba. Can you help me with the following question(s)? Thanks.
What terminal will we arrive at on Columbus flight?
What terminal will we depart from on Aruba flight?
Distance between the two terminals?
Sorry: we are flying via AMERICAN AIRLINES Columbus to Philly and Philly to ARUBA EOM! need terminal info.
You will arrive in A, B, C, or F. You will depart from A. You have enough time if the flight from Columbus is on-time. All gates are connected inside security.
Whats is the best way to get from terminal F to terminal A-east with only about 50 minute layover?
The shuttle is probably fastest.
What is the fastest way to get from terminal F to terminal B. I only have 45 minutes between flights!!
If possible, I would run.
We land at gate C20 and depart 35 mins later from gate A25. American is saying this is a legit layover. Is this even possible? We can run fairly fast, but they also close the doors 10 mins prior to departure.
Yes, it is possible if the first flight is on-time but obviously doesn't leave any time to spare if it isn't.