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Philadelphia (PHL) Airport

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Got a tip about PHL airport? You've come to the right place for help on getting to, through, and between Philadelphia airport. Share your experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.

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  • Connecting from terminal F to B
    Feb 28, 2013
    I land in terminal F and have to go to terminal B. I understand I can take a shuttle bus to terminal C, and then walk to terminal B. Will I have to go through security? Also I only have an hour and 10 minutes. Is that enough time to make my connecting flight?


    On arrival at Terminal F, The US Airways shuttle bus leaves at gate F14 and arrives at gate C16 - no security check is necessary. While transfer may take up to half an hour you have plenty of time!


  • Cancun - Philadelphia - Madrid
    Feb 27, 2013
    Hi, I'm travelling from Cancun to Madrid, with a 2 hour connection in Philadelphia, is it enough time?? Both flights are with US Airways.


    It should be enough time.


  • 45 Min Connection
    Feb 27, 2013
    I'm flying in from Cincy to PhL arriving at gate F28 and Leaving out of Gate A20. Is 45min connection time enough to get from F to A via the shuttle? Will the workers at gate A20 give me any leaway or extra time to get there?


    On arrival at PHL, gate F28, take the US Airways shuttle bus at gate F14 to the center of connected Terminals A-East /A-West, at gate A1, then proceed to gate A20 of Terminal A-West. You should make it in time for your connection.


  • International transfer
    Feb 24, 2013
    Coming on US airway from Frankfurt , changing plane in Philadelfia and going to Los Angeles also on US air, Do I need to go thru security check again after passport control and baggage claim?


    You arrive from Terminal A-West and will depart from Terminal A-East with gates A1-A13. After customs & baggage re-check, use the connector at opposite side to TA-East, where you will need to go through security check before proceeding to your connecting gate.


  • international connection
    Feb 24, 2013
    Hello, my 17 year old daughter will be arriving Terminal A from BCN (Spain) to PHL at 13:35 and will have to take the bus to Terminal F to connect to CAK that departures at 15:45. Will she have enough time to pass customs, take the bus to Teminal F and go through security?. I'm afraid of long lines. Could I have the help of a stewardess to speed her way through customs so she doesn't miss her connection or you think she will be fine ?. Thank you very much


    On arrival at PHL, Terminal A-West, she needs to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag - thereafter allow at least 35-45 mins to connecting terminal F via shuttle bus. A 17-year old does not need help. She has enough time for transfer.


    Thank you


  • Transit at Terminal F
    Feb 20, 2013
    I arrive at Terminal F by US Air express and leave from the same terminal with a layover of 37 minutes. Is this adequate for reliable baggage transfer by airline?


    At PHL you will arrive at Terminal A-West (T-AW). You may depart from T-AW or T-AE (Terminal A-East): T-AE has gates A1-13; T-AW has gates A14-26. The overhead screens on arrival will show you connecting flight & gate numbers. Just walk over to your connecting gate.


  • Connection
    Feb 19, 2013
    Hi, we arrive PHL US Air Express operated by Republic Airlines from MHT at 6:55 a.m. and have a connecting flight to Aruba via USAirways departing at 7:41 am. Only 48 minutes between flights. Is this enough time?


    At PHL, you most likely arrive at Terminal A-East (T-AE - gates A1-A13)and depart from Terminal A-West (T-AW - gates A14-A26). Walk over to your connecting gate.


  • my mistake..need to get from F to B
    Feb 17, 2013
    Hi, Please disregard previous post. My flight arrives at F, but then I need to connect to the next flight at B. I would imagine I take the shuttle from F-14 to C-16. My bigger concern is will I need to go through security again at B? I know that with the construction going on around F recently you get routed out of the air side of the terminal when going to or from F. Thanks!


    Forgot to also the hour layover still enough time to make the connection?


    On arrival at PHL, at Terminal F, take the US Airways shuttle bus at gate F14, taking you to Terminals B/C, gate C16, where you can then walk over at post-security to your connecting B gate. Count on at least 30 mins. bus transfer time. You have enough time.


  • Terminal F
    Feb 26, 2013
    I will arrive in Term F and have to shuttle to Terminal A. I have been told that US Airways supplies a bus shuttle. Will I have to go through TSA at Terminal A if I take the US Airways Shuttle. I have only 45 minutes.


    At PHL, US Airways shuttle takes you at gate F14 to gate A1. Your gate is in Concourse A-East (Gates A1-A13). No TSA needed.


    Is 45 minutes enough time to get from terminal F28 to A20?


  • connections
    Feb 12, 2013
    I am arriving on flight US735 from Manchester, England on 27th February and transferring to flight US 1096 to Raleigh. 1. Will I need to go through Immigration Control at Philidelphia or Raleigh? 2. Will my luggage be automatically transferred to the internal flight? 2. How do I get from terminal A to terminal B and how long should it take?


    You will arrive at PHL at Terminal A-West, and need to go through passport check, pick up bags, go through customs clearance and re-check-in your bags where indicated. Then go to the ticketing level shared by both TA-West & TA-East and take the terminal connector to Terminal TB/C, where you need to go through security check before proceeding to your gate at Concourse B.


  • luggage
    Feb 11, 2013
    Should I pick up my luggage and recheck from US flight 1410 connecting to us flight 796?


    Only if you arrive at PHL from an international flight. I suggest you open, then click on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS and scroll down to the detailed text.


  • Checked bags
    Feb 10, 2013
    I will be arriving PHL at 8:50 am on US Airways express and need to connect with BA for flight to heathrow at 6:10pm 1) can icheck in bags thru to destination at my flight origin and if so wirh a9hr layover is ther ahigh probability that my bags would be lost 2) am i better off getting my bags from USAir Nd rechecking inat BA later in the day


    If you are concerned about your baggage getting lost, it may be a good idea to claim them on arrival at PHL and re-check them in with BA at their counter. US Airways & British Airways don't belong to the same airline alliance.


  • Help with Connections
    Feb 9, 2013
    Arrive from CLT at B16 7:30PM 2/9/13, need to get to A10 for international flight departing at 9:05PM. Same airline. Any obstacles i need to be aware of?


    At PHL you arrive at Terminal B, Concourse B, and depart from Terminal A-East, Concourse A (gates A1-13) Both Terminals are connected by a post-security walkway (you won't have to go through security check). You have enough time. Just follow signs.


  • terminal connection from Halifax
    Feb 7, 2013
    We are arriving from Halifax, Feb 12 on flight 3335 - connecting for Fort Myers Flight 1157. Which terminal will we arrive and which will we leave from. Thank you


    1. At Halifax, go through US Customs clearance, saving you time at PHL. I was able to get flight 1157, which arrives today at gate D7; however, 3335 was not yet on screen. Open & at 'Flight Information in yellow box add your flight number, click on arrival or departure, and hit "Get Flight Info". Once you know your gate numbers, I suggest you open then click on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS and scroll down to the detailed text.


  • Help with connections
    Jan 30, 2013
    I'm traveling alone and I'm flying us airways express Ft 4142 into Phil then out on US Airway Fl 1939 to Fort Myers Fl . Can you tell me what terminal I will be arriving and what terminal I will be Departing? I only have 35 min !


    At PHL, US Airways & US Airways Express use Terminal A-East for domestic flights. You will arrive At Concourse A-East, which has gates A1-13. There, you simply walk to your next connecting gate (look at overhead screens & your boarding pass for gate number).


    Actually, that is completely incorrect. Your flight from Ithaca will arrive in Terminal F and your flight to Ft. Myers will probably depart from Terminal B. You need to take the post-security US Airways shuttle bus from gate F-14 to Terminal B/C. If by chance your Ft. Myers flight departs from Terminal A, take the shuttle to there instead. 35 minutes is pretty tight so hope your first flight is on time.


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