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Is there an AT&t store in the airport where I can buy a sim card?
I am traveling from Barcelona to Toronto, Canada with a connecting flight in Philadelphia, both flights operated by American Airlines and on a single ticket
Since my final destination is not in the USA, do I have to pick up my luggage and recheck it or does it automatically go to Toronto? ( I know I still have to go through Customs and Immigration though)
Yes, you have to claim your bags and re-check them after clearing customs.
My 16 year old son is flying PHL to MIA alone. Can I accompany him to the gate? Is there a fee?
It probably depends on the airline, so you should call and ask, but my 13 year old is flying alone and our airline said we could request a courtesy pass at the ticket counter (or at security, if after hours) for free to escort her to the gate. You do need to bring ID. My daughter is not young enough to count as as an unaccompanied minor with Southwest. I believe that DOES require a fee to escort. But at 13, nope. I just need to get a pass.
What should I do because I am very afraid of dogs or any pet for that matter but I am going to Cancun in the a week or so and I know they are in the airport sniffing people. Any advice?
Dogs don't sniff people. They generally sniff baggage and are usually not out in public.
I have a recent knee injury and walk with a cane. How do I get a ride from the terminal to baggage claim?
You have to request wheelchair service by contacting your airline.
I will be arriving in Philadelphia at 3:05 PM from Italy on American Airlines & would like to know if I have enough time to make a connecting flight at 5:25 PM on Southwest Airline?
That is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly. You will have to transfer bags yourselves.
Thank you for your response. How much time to should I allow between arrival time from Rome & departure time to a city in the states?
Thank you for responding. Could you tell me what terminal is Icelandair and what terminal is Frontier. Can I walk there? Or do i need to take a shuttle. Sorry I just have never been to Philadelphia Airport.
Icelandair is Terminal A and Frontier is Terminal E. All Terminals are walkable.
I am flying Icelandair from Paris to Philadelphia landing at 7:15 pm. I will need to catch a flight either on Frontier at 10:25 pm or American Airlines at 9:00 pm. I will have to go through customs and then go to either American Airline counter to check my bags and check in ,or Frontier Airlines counter to check my bags and check in. What airline is most doable in these circumstances, considering time, distance from terminal, etc. Basically I need to catch my flight. What do you suggest. HELP!
The Frontier flight should be possible. The American flight would be very difficult.
Thank you for responding. Could you tell me what terminal is Icelandair and what terminal is Frontier. Can I walk there? Or do i need to take a shuttle. Sorry I just have never been to Philadelphia Airport.
Waiting for son terminal international 2 hrs how tocinmhnicate
I am flying domestically on Southwest ORD to PHL on Christmas Day, then I have a flight to London on AA that departs at 7:40pm. So I have to get my luggage (party of 4) and go thru security again. How much time should I allow for my London flight? Also, on the return (same airlines, Jan 5) I land at 3:40pm from London. What time do you think I should book my SW PHL to ORD flight? thanks!!
Southwest doesn't fly to or from ORD. If you are flying to Philadelphia on Southwest and flying out on AA, you need at least 3 hours between flights
thanks- of course sw doesn't fly from ord! i'm sorry-i've been so bogged down on AA trying to find award flights to europe my brain is scrambled- and i fly sw all the time- even have the companion pass!! thanks for the info- 3 hours? i have award tix philly to london, but had to book connecting flights from chicago separate -but now all on AA (no SW) so i won't have to collect luggage or go thru security after our chicago to philly flight. I found different connecting flights for my family. one gets in at 5:10pm and another at 5:57pm - given that it's the same airlines (AA) you think that's ok for a 7:40pm international departure?