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Does the airport have E-Ticket Check-In kiosks ?
Yes, for most airlines they do. The only airline that might not have them is Boutique Air.
How long will customs take coming from London, England to Phoenix, Arizona
Likely about 30-45 minutes.
connection from AA 513 (mci TO phx) then AA 3051 to PSP .Is this doable 3:34 arrival, 4:30 departure to PSP. also return trip AA 3048 PSP to PHX, arrive at 11:43 am, AA 1320 leaves PHX at 12:30 pm for MCI
Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do in PHX is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
thanks that is a relief!
How do you search for an airline lounge?
If I have a 5:05 am A.A. flight to Charlotte NC How early do I need to be there? Is T S A busy?
What time does Delta Skycap or inside assistance open in the morning? I have a 6 a.m. flight but don't want to get there too early if nothing is open.
I'm traveling to PHX on South West and I have to get a US Air flight to Guadalajara Mexico. I only have 45 minutes to do this. Do I have to Re-check at the ticket counter an have to go thru security again or the departure gate? Would I make it on time?
Southwest & US Airways both use Terminal 4. You will arrive either at C or D gates and will depart from A or B gates. moving walkways connect all gates on three sides of the food court. If both flights were booked on one ticket, your bag should be automatically transferred. You have enough time.
I will be traveling Mex-PHX-Den by USAIRWAYS...arriving PHX 3:30pm & departing PHX-Den 6:50 pm... I think i have good time to ensure connection but as soon as i will arrive to PHX I do not know if i need to recover my baggage & make customs clearance then check in into second flight i need to cross security section? Thanks in advance!
I'm trying to recall the college that advertises as you're taking the escalators down to baggage claim in the USAirways terminal. Anyone recall?
Hi! Husband transitting through Phoenix with a short layover time (both US Airways and ticketed together, 50 minutes between arrival and departure times). Arrives at gate B18, departs gate A24. As far as I can see these are different concourses in the same terminal - T4. Will he need to go through security or can he go from gate to gate? US Airways ticketed it so I assume it's doable!
Yes, he will arrive at T4, Concourse B. He simply needs to walk over to Concourse A's gate A24. No need to go through security again. He has enough time.