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Arrive in PHX from Guadalajara on American at 4:25pm. Do I have enough time to get through customs and catch a SW flight at 6:45? Better to carry on or check baggage3?
WIth carry-ons only I think that would be possible. It would be pretty difficult with checked bags.
Arrive in Phoenix from Cabo on Friday @ 1:45pm. flight to Denver is at 2:55pm so 1 hr and 10 min connection time. Is this enough time to make connection?
It's not impossible, but realistically it will be very very difficult.
What about a 3 Hr 20 min connection and need to change terminals? Thx.
What airlines are you flying where you would need to change terminals?
American Airlines. Not sure where changing just states on the itinerary "Change Terminals"
All AA flights at PHX are in Terminal 4. No terminal change is required. Is there some other part of the itinerary that may have a terminal change? Are you sure it isn't offering the other connection over a different hub such as DFW or LAX?
My apologies...yes that flight that changes terminals is through DFW. I guess I will see what info I can find in regards to DFW. Thank you for your help!
Yes, that connection at DFW would be doable.
paid extra for priority status on AA, and only have carryon. Fingers crossed.
Arrive Mesa American Eagle on Tues at 4:10pm. Depart in 1.5 hours to Sacramento on American. If I have carry on luggage instead of a checked bag what is the Custom procedure? Do I save much time?
If you do not have checked bags you just go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security and to your departure gate. You do save some time.
Arrive Terminal 3 Hawaiian need to go to terminal 4 American Eagle to Yuma AZ only have 40 minutes Hopefully bags will be checked through.
That's not reasonably possible.
Arrive on MESA American Eagle Tuesday 4:10pm. Depart in 1.5 hours to Sacramento on American. I have checked luggage. What is the Custom procedure and do I have enough time? Same terminal?
Both flights will be in Terminal 4. You will arrive, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure gate. You should have enough time if your flight from Mazatlan is on-time.
I will have a 40 minute connection time from AA563 arriving from DC to AA596 going to San Jose, CA. Do you think this amount of time is long enough?
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time.
Have a Mesa Airlines American Eagle flight 5738 from ABQ arrive PHX 9:10am (not sure what terminal), connecting to American 506 depart 10:13am to Vancouver (not sure what terminal). I walk slowly but steadily with a cane, can I make this connection or should I ask for some kind of assistance. If asking, to whom do I make a request for assistance. Catching a ride on a cart would be perfect. How best do I make the connection?
Both flights will be in Terminal 4. If you need assistance you need to contact american Airlines by calling them before your flight.
Thanks very much.
I'm dying from Vancouver with American Airlines to Mazatlan with 40 minute stopover in Phoenix . Do we need to go through security again or just go to departure gate. Only taking carry on luggage .
You will pre-clear US Immigration in Vancouver. All you have to do in Phoenix is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have just enough time if your flight from Vancouver is on-time.
In mid-October, I'm flying AA533 into PHX from SJD (Cabo), have 1:10 to fly out on AA642 to DEN (Denver). Is this enough time to clear customs if I'm not checking bags?
I think that's just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
i will arrive from MEX and have connectiing flight to SAN with following filight details
AA 225 MEX PHX 1435 1557
AA 462 PHX SAN 1710 1818
is the connecting time make sense or not because i know i need to clear immigration and security again...please advice me.thanks
That is a very difficult connection. Maybe possible because International Immigration and Customs won't be too busy at Phoenix in the late afternoon/early evening, but still difficult.