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One adult and 3 children arriving at 7:47 On American Eagle and leaving at 8:46 to Des Moines on American. Is American Eagle close to American? Can we make the connection?
Yes, it's all easy walking distance. You have enough time.
AA f642 transfer to AA 534 for Cabo. I hour 5 minute between flights. Enough?
Yes, all you have to do on the way to Cabo is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Picking up an unaccompanied minor off Southwest Airline, Where is the best place to park to easy in and out of the airport? Also looking for the cheapest option.
Flying from Tampa via American Airlines have 30 min to connect to Reno - will I have time to make my connecting flight. Are there options if I miss my connection ?
If you miss your connection you will be rebooked on the next available American Airlines flight to Reno.
I am traveling from Mex City to Vancouver and I have a 1 hour 5 minute layover in PHX. Will I have enough time to grab bags, go through customs, recheck bags and go through security? Bought the flight on AA website.
That is a very difficult connection. Only possible if everything goes perfectly.
I am arriving in Phx from SJD and have a 1 hr. 4 minute layover for my flight to Austin. Is this adequate time to reach my flight?
That will be very difficult, bordering on impossible.
Thanks! Much appreciated :)
Flying from Mexico to Vancouver with a 1 hour 5 minute layover in Phoenix. American Airlines. With that be enough time to pick up bags, go through customs, re-check bags, go back through security and make flight?
That will be really difficult, bordering on impossible.
I am flying from Vancouver, BC to Phoenix, AZ and I have a connecting flight to catch in Phoenix heading to Philadelphia, PA. I will only have 50 minutes to catch my connecting flight. Both flights are on American Airlines. What are my chances of being able to make my flight? Are most of American's flights in the same terminal, or will I have to change terminals? I could still get on a later flight, but it will be a 3 hour delay.
Both flights are in Terminal 4. You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver so all you have to do in PHX is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
I land terminal 1 AA and have 48 minutes to be boarded in terminal 4 AA. Is this possible?
All AA flights in Phoenix are in Terminal 4.
Hello I have exactly 1 hour to make a connecting flight that's in Terminal 2 after arriving in Terminal 4. How long is the walk or train ride between these two terminals? will 1 hour be enough time?
That's very risky. I wouldn't try it.