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I'm wondering if I am arriving on a SW flight at 6:50 am ( hopefully on time) on a Thurs., can I make it to an AA gate to catch a 7:40 flight? I don't know each gate location as of yet.
I booked my itinerary through united, both legs have UA flight numbers, so I'm pretty sure my checked bag will make it just fine, but I'm worried about me!
DEN to PHX "Flight operated by SKYWEST AIRLINES doing business as UNITED EXPRESS."

There is only an hour between the two. When I asked the United phone guy he said something along the lines of a special international line that wouldn't have me go through security again in PHX.
His English, however, wasn't spectacular and I am hoping you could give me more specifics on how this short hour will go for us, as I am expecting to land at terminal 2 and need to board at terminal 4.
Thanks in advance!
Planning to shuttle in from Sedona. How much time to allow?
My parents are flying out of Phoenix on American Eagle, part of American in terminal 4. Anyone know if there are skycaps? They need assistance and that's the easiest way I think is to go to the skycap
What do they need assistance with. I believe there is curbside check-in. If they need help getting to their gate then they need to call American and request wheelchair assistance.
I have a 35 minute layover from a Tampa flight connecting to Sacramento. Will this leave me enough time to conect?
That will be very difficult. It's possible but it leaves no time to spare if the flight from Tampa is delayed.
we arrive at 4.31 pm and our flight from phx to vancouver departures at 6.15 pm is it doable note we are mexican citizens with traveler visas thx :)
That is enough time if everything goes smoothly.
does terminal 2 have a baggage claim?
Yes, every terminal has a baggage claim. How else would you get your baggage?
I will fly on December 26, from Mexico to Vancouver via Phoenix,my AA flight from MX arrives at 4:55 pm. My AA flight leaves 6:15 pm. Is enough time to pass customs. and connect ?
That will be very difficult, but it's not impossible if everything goes perfectly (especially if you don't have any checked bags).
I arrive on WJ Tues. at 8:45 pm from Calgary, my daughter arrives 8:45 pm SouthWestAir from SanFran. I arrive at B 24, not sure where she arrives, but will be in terminal 4, I think C gate. Can she leave her gate area to go to B gates and locate me upon my arrival?
As long as you are arriving from a place in Canada with US Immigration Preclearance, then yes, she can meet you at your gate.
Flying from Cabo to Phx land at 8pm depart at 9:05 American Airlines changed my flight where I had originally allowed myself plenty of time am I in trouble trying to make my connection I was planning on checking a bag
Late in the evening I won't say it's impossible but that's really difficult, especially with a checked bag. Call AA and ask if you can be routed through a different AA hub if there isn't an earlier flight from Cabo.