Port Moresby Jackson's (POM) Airport

Port Moresby Jackson's POM Airport Overview

Port Moresby Jacksons International Airport POM serves the Independent State of Papua New Guinea & its 7.1M residents - which occupies the eastern half of the world's second-largest Island of Guinea - shaped like an allegator, closest to northern Australia, and part of Oceania.  (The western part of the Island belongs partially to Indonesia, and to the provinces of Papua & West Papua.)  Port Moresby is currently operated by NAC ( the National Airports Corportation Papua New Guinea).

Jackson's Airport is only 2.5 miles from the National Capital District of Port Moresby, bordering on the Coral Sea. It is owned & managed by New Guinea National Airports Corp.

With a long runway and an estimated 0.9M passengers per annum, Jackson's Airport is hub for Air Niugini & Airlines PNG, which, together with  Qantas & Virgin Australia, offer direct & connecting flights to all points of the globe. 

Jackson's International Airport has two passenger terminals connected by covered walkway: While Air Niugini & Airlines PNG serve both the domestic & international terminals - Philippine, Qantas & Virgin Australia airlines use the international terminal only.

The International Terminal 
has completed its extension work (by 30 meters at northwest end, and by 20 meters at southest end) now covering an area over 10,000 sq.meters, along with modifications for more efficiency. Passenger processing is to take now 'a mere 3 minutes'.  In anticipation of the July 2015 South Pacific Games taking place at Port Moresby - Jacksons Airport will soon open the nnewly expanded duty-free shopping areas with  'Prouds' high-end merchandise at both pre- and post-security areas, along with Market Place, bar & restaurant & convenience store.   Current amenities inclue a bank branch, ATMs, currency exchange,  rental cars, traveler information post and a VIP ceremonial plaza. 
The Domestic Terminal has a new public concourse, food court and domestic carpark. It houses rental car counters, a First-Class Lounge, ATM cash machines & eateries. 

Airport Lounge: Virgin Australia Airport Lounge is available to eligible passengers with a valid Virgin Australia boarding pass, who pay a single entry upon terminal arrival.
ARINC upgraded the Airport's passenger processing system which includes barcode scanners & common-use passenger processing systems & a multimedia flight information display.
Parking is available in front of both terminals for short- and long-term parking
Transport:  Aside from rental cars & taxis, public buses also serve the Airport with frequent service to the City.

Present and future Airport developments.  In time for the 2018 APEX summit both international and domestic terminals are being joined, thereby gaining more space.

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