Public Transportation from Portland International Airport: (For more Ground Transportation information call 503.460.4686.) To get to downtown Portland, it takes 20-40 minutes.
Pickup for the following transport options is located at center section of lower roadway (at the terminal's baggage & departures level): taxis, limos, long-distance shuttles, hotel courtesy vans, parking lot shuttles.
NOTE:  Lyft & Uber (approved transport network companies) are now serving PDX outside of baggage claim, lower roadway, north end at Island 1. 

The TriMet's MAX Light Rail station
(tel. 503-238-7433) or open: www.trimet.org/schedules/maxredline.htm) is located outside the southern end of the terminal - near concourses A and B.  Its Red Line offers - at its next stop - transfer options to Green & Blue lines, and at Pioneer Square to its Yellow line.  To downtown Portland it takes 38 mins (bags can be rolled onto the train). 
The Train to City Center and to Beaverton operates daily, 4:44am to 11:49pm.  Connections:
  -  Red line: Airport to Beaverton; this line is the only one serving the Airport directly; for blue & gree lines, change at the next (Gateway) stop.
  -  Blue line Gateway to Hillsboro /City Center /Gresham;
  -  Green line: Gateway to Clackamas /Town Center /PSU;
  -  Yellow line: at Pioneer Square to Expo Center/ city center/ PSU.
  -  Orange Line (effective Sept. 2015): Milwaukie /City Center.

Greyhound Bus Depot (tel. 503-243-2357)
Amtrak Train Depot (tel. 503-273-4871)
Both are about 10 miles from the Airport, reached by most airport transport options.

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