Parking Options at Portland Jetport (Maine) Airport

If you are picking up a passenger at Jetport, youmay want to use the free cell phone lot outside of the baggage claim area. Stay with your car until your party calls - then give them your space number so they can meet you there.

Parking options at Portland Jetport include a short-term parking lot for short visits to the Airport, and Long-term parking in the Surface lot, as well as the 5-level Parking Garage.
Parking Fees: 
Hourly parking: Each hour $2, daily max $48;
Long-term parking for both surface lot and Garage: Daily max $12.

Note that parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. 

For more parking information contact Standard Parking at 207-772-7028

Parking Rates at PWM Airport

Hourly Parking
Rate: Daily Maximum $48
per hour $2.00
Long Term
Rate: Daily Maximum $12

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