From Porto Airport to your destination:  Taxis (tel. +351 22 5353350) charge their fare by taxi meter (weekend have a higher fare).
The Airport budget shuttle to city center: tel. +351 252 116 701, e-mail: info@100rumos.com; or visit: 100rumos.com.
'Goin' Porto shuttle: between Airport and Avenida dos Aliad's south end. 

By Train:

The Metro 
has six lines which are marked by leters & colors: A blue; B red, C green, D yellow, E purple & F orange, and the majority of lines reach Porto's most popular sights.  the 'Porto Card' offers access to metro, buses & funiculars for a set time period.  Porto cards offer free or discounted entry to some museums and discounts to restaurants.  You may also opt for a rechargeable blue Andante card when using e Metro - open: www.metrodoporto.pt/en/
    Metro's Line E (purple)
  (open site: www.metrodoporto.pt/en) takes you to the following city stops, including railway stations (with high-speed trains at Estádio do Dragao station) Casa da Musica, Trindade Station, Campanha Station, and Dragao Stadium; the trip takes 23 to 35 minutes. (Stops nearest city center are Lapa, Trindade & Bolhao.
Train Transfers to other urban centers:
- at Verdes station to Vila do Conde and Póvoa de Varzim (using line B),
- at Fonte do Cuco station to Maia (line C),
- at Senhora da Hora station to Matosinhos (line A),
- at Trindade station to V.N.Gaia (line D),
- at Estádio do Dragão to Rio Tinto/Fânzeres (line F).

By Bus:
    STCP Bus Lines (open: www.stcp.pt):
Line 601 to Cordoaria,
Line 602 via Padrao Moreira to Cordoaria,
Line 604 via Maia to Sao Joao Hospital
Line 3M to Av. dos Aliados
    Resende Bus Line (open: www.urbanosresende.net):
Line 120 to Guifoes, and
Line 105N to Sao Gens.
    The Vigo Bus  (open: www.autna.com or call +351 251 821043 or e-mail: comercial@autna.com) has four daily departures from the Airport to Vigo, Spain. It also serves the Valenca bus station on weekdays.

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