Parking Options at Prague Vaclar Havel Airport

Parking options at Prague Airport:  
1. Short-term parking –parking garages P1 & P2, first 15 mins free;  or Parking C close to T1, or Parking B, close to T2. 
2. VIP parking is at Parking C, level 2.  Premium Parking at Parking C ifor several days to weeks - a 2-min walk from T1, or a 3-min covered walk from T2. 
2. Medium-term parking either in Parking C, connected by walkway to T1, or Parking B directly in front of T2; 
3. Long-term parking – Premium or VIP covered Parking C, 70 meters from T1 – or the Economy parking lot Parking D, an eight-minute walk (or one public bus stop) from  T1 or T2.  (Guarded parking on the 2d floor of Parking C is attended 24/7. )
4. South Terminal 3 has its own Parking lot P11. 
For more parking information call +420 2220 114022. 

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