Quad City Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Short-Term and Long-Term Parking Short-Term spaces are closer to the terminal building than spaces for Long-Term parking. Most people select Short-Term for pick-up and drop-off purposes. Anyone is welcome to park in either lot--there is no limit on the number of days your car stays in the lots. Note: If you exit the short-term lot through the gate arm (thereby getting a short-term ticket) and enter into long-term parking--and you intend to park in long-term--you must exit the lot and re-enter under a long-term parking ticket. Otherwise your parking is being charged at the short-term rate.

There are multiple Long-Term parking entrances as you follow the frontage road in from the interstate, or airport road. However, there is only one Short-Term parking lot entrance which may be accessed from the left lanes as you approach the terminal building. If you miss the Short-Term entrances, you must circle around the frontage road again. Follow signs to "return to terminal". Fees:

First 60 mins - free in both short-term and long-term lots.
1 - 2 hrs - short-term $3; long-term $2
2 - 3 hrs - short-term $5; long-term $3
3 - 4 hrs - short-term $7; long-term $4
4 - 5 hrs - short-term $9; long-term $5
5 - 6 hrs - short-term $11; long-term $6
6 -24 hrs - short-term $15; long-term $7
Weekly* - short-term $75; long-term $35

*The weekly rate is assessed on the 5th day; the 6th and 7th day in the lot are free. The daily rates for Short and Long-Term parking will restart on the 8th day.

Passenger Drop-Off and Pick-up
The inside and outside pick-up and drop-off lanes are open for drivers attending to their cars. You may pick up/drop off passengers during a short grace period granted to attended vehicles. At no time leave your car unattended.

Cheap Long Term Parking Near Quad City Airport ( MLI )