Business Services at Quad City MLI Airport

Business Center "Destination Points" - a membership-based business center, intended for regional corporate travelers and frequent flyers - is located at the right-hand side of Concourse B (behind the frosted glass door) with an access card reader along the west wall.  Tel: 309-757-1743 or e-mail

Workstations with free WiFi access & charging station, are located on Concourse B.

A conference room is aailable by callingg 309-757-1768.

ATM Machines are across from Gift Shop; and across from Coffee Bar/Deli on the Concourse.
Posal service:  by mail boxes
A Shoeshine
service is across from the gift shop and
Massage thereapy is in Concourse B.
For Restaurant service contact Air Host at 309-762-0109

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