Amman Queen Alia (AMM) Airport

Amman Queen Alia AMM Airport Overview

Queen Alia Amman International Airport AMM - also referred to as 'QAIA Airport - is Jordan's primary airport, is ISO certified, covers about 19 million square meters of space, and is operated by the Airport International Group (AIG), which has undertaken drastic upgrading changes.  In April 2013 the Airport received a 'Gold' recognition as 'Best Emerging Market Infrastructure Project'. 

QAIA is located in Zizya, 35 km south of the capital city of Amman, and accessible via Route 15 south from central Amman (the exit is just before Al Jizah); from West Amman take Route 30 south-west, and route 15 south; from the Dead Sea drive north on route 65, turn east into route 40, and turn south onto route 15.

With two long parallel runways and annually over 6 million (and expected 9 million by year-end 2013) Queen Alia International Airport is hub to Royal Jordanian Airlines and is served by a multitude of international airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all parts of the globe.

The Amman Airport Hotel is located within 5 minutes from QAIA (tel. 00962-6- 445-1000/ fax 445-1029.
The 'Golden Tulip Transit Hotel' - is 2 km from the terminals (reservation: +962 6 (445 1000; e-mail

1. If you need a Visa,  be prepared to have the equivalent of US or EUR cash for the fee of JOD 10 (Jordanian money) before standing in line opposite the immigration inspection.
2. Signs at the Airport are in Arabic & English.
3. The Jordan River Foundation and the Royal Society of Conservation of Nature have formed a partnership, whereby hand-made products by local craftpersons will be offered in the terminal, thereby enabling underprivileged communities who make these products to raise their living standards.

Queen Alia International has a new integrated PassengerTerminal with North & South Piers- opened2013. Its tessellated roof canopy has a series of shallow concrete domes which extend to provide shading the facades, and branch out from the supporting columns like 'leaves of a desert palm'.  Two piers (concourses) with departure gates run along the two sides of the central building, which houses the main processing areas and shops, lounges & restaurants. Open-air courtyards with plants & trees help filter pollution.  Local architecture is evident in the domed roof.  With a current capacity of 9M passengers/yr a year, the terminal allows for a further growth of 12M passengers/yr within the next 25 years.
The Main Terminal  has three levels & a North & South Pier (Concourses) - its Information desks can be reached, 24/7, at the following numbers: South Terminal 1 desk: +962 6-4451739; North Terminal 2 desk: +962 6-4453187.
Level 1 - the Arrivals level - has three entrances to the public area which includes rental car and transportation counters to the left, and offices, banking, bookshop & market to the right; in the center is the Duty-free shop, flanked by 'office' control & 6 baggage carousels behind it.
Level 2 - the Departures level - divides passenger (from left to right) by Jordanian passengers (E gates), International & Jordanian passengers (F gates).  At both entrances to E & F gates are security checkpoints, transfer desks and access to the piers & their gates.
Level 3 - the Transfer level - has entrance doors 2, 3 & 4; followed by a number of amenities & services and rows of check-in counters on either side.  In the back (center) is passport control, security check, duty-free area, access to gates, with food & drink and currency exchange beyond it. 
Transfer passengers to either gates 208-210 or 214-216 will turn left, where they find amenities & services, and waiting areas;
Transfer passengers to either gates 110-112 or 116-118 will turn right, where they find amenities & services, and waiting areas.

Current & future Airport developments:  Ongoing work on the new 3-level transit hotel with fully-equipped business area -located at the North Pier - is to be completed by early 2015.

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