Parking Options at Amman Queen Alia Airport

Parking options at Queen Alia Airport:   Carparks are administered by Mawgif (National Company for Car Parking Systems). The new parking facilities are divided into 3 key areas: departure curbside area, short-term and long-term parking lots:
1. For passenger drop-offs, drivers entering the departure curbside are handed a ticket for a 10-minute free grace perriod.  Unattended vehicles are being towed.
2. Meeters & greeters should park in the short-term carpark.  The arrivals road sign directs drivers to the barrier with a dispenser for a parking ticket.  Currently, the hourly charge is JOD 
3. At the long-term carpark  drivers take a ticket which calculates the number of days the car is being parked. Present charge is JOD 1 for each 24 hrs.  This carpark offers a shuttle bus to & from the new terminal.

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