Security at Aruba Queen Beatrix AUA Airport

Passenger safety is the top priority at Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix.
The Aruba Airport Authority works hard to help make air travel as safe as possible
and to provide the best customer service along the way. Travelers are encouraged to go to the travel advisories page in the flight information section to learn specific information on how to prepare and cooperate with security when traveling.

In protecting passengers and personnel, the airport security department uses a range of equipment to assist security personel in providing the highest level of security.
Airport Security System: Camera Surveillance System
The airport has a sophisticated CCTV system with more than 100 cameras in and around the terminal building and on the apron.
  Screening Equipment
The security department uses modern
X-ray screening equipment on: Check-in baggage Carry-on baggage
  Passenger and personnel screening
Airport security screens passengers and airport personnel using: Walk-through metal detectors Hand-held metal detectors
  Other equipment Explosive detection devices
  Security Control Center
All movements inside and outside the airport structure is monitored by a state of the art control center.
At this center the personnel access control system and the alarm monitoring system is also controlled.

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