New Quito Mariscal Sucre (UIO) Airport

New Quito Mariscal Sucre UIO Airport Overview

New Quito Mariscal Sucre International Airport UIO (short NQIA) is now Ecuador's primary Airport - and serves the country's capital city of Quito and its Pichincha surroundings. It opened at the new site in early 2013, with a facility ten times the size of the former airport site. NQIA is operated by the Quiport  Corportation. In August 2014 New Quito Airport received the World Travel Award for 'Leader among South American Airports'. 

NQIA is located in the Tababela Parish, on the Caraburo Plateau, at an elevation of 2,400 meters, and is about 20 km east of the City of Quito  - a 50-min taxi drive to city center via the new 'Colls Road' recently opened for quicker access to the Airport.  Getting to the Airport is also suggested from Parroquia Tababela S/N via a Yaruqui.

The city of Quito - declared a World Cultural Heritage
due to its rich history & culture and its well-preserved old part of the city going back to its colonial times - is also Latin America's fastest growing city and is the arrivals/transfer point for tourists on their way to the Galapagos Islands.   Note that Quito is to have its own Metro line (with ongoing construction); while a new bridge will be built over the Chiche river.

With a runway of 3,600 meters (Latin America's longest!) and 2 taxiways able to handle 44 operations per hour, New Quito Airport is expected to have around 7M passengers in 2014.  NQIA is hub to AeroGal, LAN Ecuador, TAME, a focus ciy for LAN Peru, and is served by domestic and international airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe. Note that Ecuador's TAME Airlines now handles both domestic & International flights (Sao Paulo, New York), using its A330 wide-body aircraft, while    Aeromexico offers scheduled flights to Mexico City, with convenient connections.

The new 'Quito Airport Suites' hotel is just minutes from the main Airport entrance.
(A new -on-airoprt 'Wyndham Quito Airport Gran Condor' hotel - construction of which should start soon - will include restaurant, lobby bar, pool, gym & spa facilities, as well as four small  meeting rooms convertible into a 300 sq.meter conference room.)

NOTICES:  1. It is advisable to be at the Airport two hours before domestic, and 3 hours before international scheduled departures flights.
2. While non-Equadorian citizens will need a valid passport, those visitors who intend to visit the Galapagos Island need also to apply to the Governing Council of Galapagos Special Authority - tel. +593 (2) 3324225 or visit:
4. For medical care contact the Medical Center at (593 2) 395-4200, ext. 2708.
5. For lost Baggage - contact the Airport Safety Company (EPMSA) at +593 (2) 3954260, ext. 2101- located at the Administrative Area entrance at Level 1 of the Terminal.

New Mariscal Sucre Airport has one passenger terminal -opened with 38,000 sq.meters of space for up to 5 million passengers a year (which will gradually increase with each following phase of expansion) - is  divided  into a national and an international area. It is equipped with five swing gates capable of directing arriving passengers to either Immigration or to baggage claim. In addition, there are numerous ground slots where passengers walk to the aircraft from the terminal. The International Hall has two levels each for Departures & Arrivals.  Service counters with muli-lingual attendants are located in the pulic Departures Hall (level 2) and in the Public Arrivals Hall (level 1)
At present there are six airbridges /boarding gates and 50 airline counters available, as well as Internet access.
The Sky Mall (Mall del Dielo) houses certain stores & services in groups: duty-free, general merchandise, domestic arts & crafts, jewellery, food & drink, and services.  Attenza Duty Free stores are both in international arrivals & departures areas.  Additional space will be filled by specialized brand buitiques in the walk-through space.
VIP lounges, accessible to all passengers at a fee, are in both domestic & international areas: (a) The Salon Quito is in the domestic area;  (b) the International VIP lounge is in the international area. 
Personalized attention service is available, but needs at least 24-hr advance notice - call +(593-2) 294-4900 ext. 2618 (call 24/7 or Customer Service Mobile Phone: +(593-9) 831-4152. 
The Customer Service counter is on on level 1 in the Arrivals Hall, and at  level 2 in the Departures Hall - both at pre-security - staffed by muli-lingual attendants. You also can call 24/7 294-4900, ext. 2618 or visit

The Sky Mall - opened in April 2014 - represents quality products & services available in Quito City with comparable prices. So far, it houses 12 food & drink and 16 retail concessions - along with duty-free shops, travel agency, massage, currency exchange by Global, ATM cash machines, telephone & internet by Carsa, baggage wrapping, travel insurance, shoeshine, baggage carts - as well as rental car counters for Avis, Budget, Locate, Hertz & Thrifty.

Current Airlines serving the Airport:  Aerogal, AeroRepublica, Aeromexico, American, Avianca, Copa, Delta, Iberia, KLM, LAN (Chile & Equador),  Tame, & United.

Important telephone numbers:
Customer Service  +593 (2) 395-4200 ext. 2718-2010
Flight Information  +593 (2) 395-4200 ext. 2001-2008
Quiport  +593 (2) 395-4200 +593 (2) 395-4300
Ecuador Customs: +593 (2) 3954200 ext. 2369, or +593 (2) 3945830, ext. 305 - or visit

Future Airport developments
will be ongoing until 2014 and beyond.  An area of 5,000 sq.meters will be added to the pre-boarding area of the terminal. This site will endeavor to keep you posted of further developments.

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