Riga International (RIX) Airport

Riga International RIX Airport Overview

Riga International Airport RIX is by far the largest airport of the three Baltic states Estonia, Latvia, & Lithuania. Riga International, one of the fastest-growing Airports in the world, has won the prestigious ‘Routes and OAG’ Airport Marketing Award as best Airport in Scandinavia and the Baltics, and the 'best emerging Airport markets' award.  Also, its major airline airBaltic received  the Gold Airline of the Year Award.

The Airport is located 10 km west of the capital city of Riga, Latvia, and accessible via Europe Route E22 and Highway P133. .

With one long runway and an estimated 4.8 million passengers in 2012, Riga International Airport is hub to airBaltic and is served by a number of international airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe, while seasonal flights are available to popular tourist venues. Passengers are now able to choose destinations from New York to Sushanbe (Tajikisan), from the tip of Skandianavia to the Middle East – and the list of destinations is growing. For inquiries within Latvia call 1187.

1.  During the summer season and on holidays check-in requires a three-hour arrival at the airport prior to scheduled departure.
2. Passengers who transfer to another flight should go to the Transfer Center located between the Departure Sectors A & B at the transit corridor, open 6am-midnight. 
3. Ryanair passengers pay a security charge of 7 EUR, while all other airline passengers have this charge included in their airfare.
4. The new security e-gates afford passengers to use a mobile telephone message as a boarding pass (instead of the printed one).

The on-Airport Hotel SKY-HIGH, is located opposite the long-term parking lot P2.

Riga International Airport has one passenger terminal.

Parking options at Riga International: Presently, the airport has 3 car parks:
1.  P1 short-term car park (opposite the terminal building);
2.  P2 long-term car park (400 meters from the terminal & close to the highway;
3.  P3 long-term car park (opposite Aviation Museum--turn right before the terminal – the lot also includes  rental cars).

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