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  • TPE-FCO-CTA connecting flight
    Mar 22, 2016
    Hi, I'll be arriving at FCO (Terminal 3) on Jul. 29, at 13:25pm, and then get on the other flight to CTA on Alitalia (depart at 16:45pm from Terminal 1 I suppose). Is that enough time? The first flight is from TPE-FCO via Emirates, I am thinking of having my registered baggage delivered directly from TPE to CTA, is that possible? Or I must collect my luggage in Rome and recheck it? I will also have hand baggage, do I need to recheck before boarding on Alitalia? Or I can go through from T3 to departure gate. Grazie!


    Are the two tickets on separate reservations? If so Emirates is not obligated to check your bags through to CTA.


    I booked separately. But Emirates told me that Alitalia is one of their interline partners, so I can check my baggage through to the final destination even if that is outside their network. If that's the fact, then does that mean I only need to print out my boarding pass at Alitalia counter, and go to departure gate? I suppose I can check in when I land at CTA, right? Grazie mille!


  • Collect Bags at FCO enroute to FLR
    Jan 30, 2016
    Hi...I am flying Toronto to Rome on Air Canada, and have add-on deal Alitalia flight Rome to Florence that I do not intend to use. Do I normally need to collect bags at Rome FCO if I was to indeed fly onward to FLR? Can I instead ask Air Canada for Bags to be on belt at FCO instead of final ticket destination FLR, so that I can end my journey at FCO as intended?......Thanks in advance for help.


    If your tickets are on the same reservation then you would not normally claim your bags in Rome. I don't know if Air Canada will be able to only tag your bags to Rome.


  • Arriving at 9am departing at 11:00 am
    Jan 30, 2016
    I have a flight from BCN to FCO on lberia that will arrive at 9:00 am. My next flight from FCO to ATH is at 11:00 am on Aegean. What is the possibility of lberia flight delay? and What is the possibility to connect flights conveniently? Thanks


    will you have checked (hold) baggage? If not I think you should have no trouble making this. If you do you will have to hope your Iberia flight is on-time and hurry to the baggage claim and the Aegean check-in counter.


    Thanks for the quick respond ZAP. I do have baggage. In general are the lberia flights on time? and if yes? will it be too hard to do that. give me a % of doing it conveniently?


    It won't be easy regardless. I think you have about a 60% chance of making it.


  • Curbside checkin
    Dec 22, 2015
    Does alitalia offer curbside checkin?


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