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What time should we arrive at airport for a sunday 8 am flight on british airways to SFO via London?
5:30-6 AM
I was originally flying Rome to Geneva at 09:55am but my plans changed and I bought a separate ticket from Venice to Rome arriving at 08:45. Both are on Alitalia arriving/departing at Terminal 1. The airline sells this as one through fare but the call centre told me I couldn't join the bookings together even though they are on the same carrier.... Still doesn't sound right. Surely they can join the ticket numbers together ?
Just show your second alitalia confirmation to the agent in Venice and they should be able to take care of you.
I am flying AGP to FCO 1hr 55 mins later fly FCO to FCU all with RyanAir. do I need to go through passport control and then come back through security to departures or can I just go straight into departure lounge hand luggage only?
There's no such airport as "FCU". Where are you going from Rome on Ryanair? What airline are you flying from Malaga?
We are arriving FCO on American Airlines from Charlotte on Saturday at 9:40 a.m. Approximately how long does it take to get bags and go through customs. Would like to be at Vatican by Noon, stopping by hotel to drop off bags first. Is that possible?
It's possible, I think you'd be there at least by 1. Depends on where your hotel is and how you plan on getting around.
Our hotel is near Piazza Navona and we will either take a taxi to the hotel from the airport or the reserve the hotel shuttle to pick us up.
flying to Ibiza from Qatar through FCO Airport on Qatar Airways and then from FCO to Ibiza on Vueling. of-course i need to re-check in my bags. i will Arrive to FCO at 12:40 pm and the next flight to Ibiza is at 2 pm, meaning i have 1hr and 20 mins to change terminals, check in bags and stamp my passport. can i make it?
Realistically I don't think that's enough time.
hi I purchased a cardigan in your airport shop and have washed it and a hole has come into the material how can I return this
This is not the website of that airport or shop. Nobody from there will read this message.
is there a free wifi at the airport ? when we land to get our emails and messages if we wanna contact our friends who we are meeting in rome we are arrivng but from different countries ?
We will be arriving in Terminal 3 about an hour before another couple also will arrive in the same Terminal. Is there some fairly comfortable place in the Terminal for us to wait for the other couple to meet us so that we can depart the Terminal together?
During the winter I know T5 doesn't open until 7:00 AM. Does it open any earlier now that the summer season has begun?
If there are earlier departures, then yes, it does. It probably opens no later than 3 hours before the first departure.
I will be arriving from Athens with Aegean on Terminal 1 and then connecting to Barcelona with Alitalia on Terminal 3. Since this is a connecting flight between Schengen area, do I have to go through a passport control or only security check ?
You have your terminals reversed. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.