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  • Do I have to change terminals and collect baggage?
    May 29, 2015
    If I fly into Rome but have a separate ticket for an in country flight to Naples do I have to collect baggage and changes terminals? Are terminals difficult to find and navigate through?


  • Dubai to Rome then onto Pisa with 1.45hr in between - Enough time?
    May 29, 2015
    We are flying from Australia to Dubai, Dubai to Rome on Emirates arriving in Rome at 1.115pm.we have a connecting flight to Pisa at 3.00pm with Alitalia. Is 1hr 45 min enough time to make our connecting flight? They are booked on separate bookings and we will have to collect checked luggage and a stroller for our daughter.




    That should be enough time but doesn't leave much time to spare. You will have to hurry to Terminal 1 to check your bags with Alitalia on-time.


  • Landing at Terminal3 connecting to Terminal1
    May 28, 2015
    We have a single ticket from AUH to Malaga. landing at Terminal 3 at 0640 hrs and connecting from Terminal 1 at 1000 hrs. Question: non EU passport. Does immigration have to be done and baggage re checked in? will definitely check in baggage directly to Malaga, in that case does the immigration have still to be done in rome or will it be done in Malaga? Do we have to exit one building and go to another terminal by road/coach/train. Basically my question is taht are Terminal 3 and Terminal interconnected?


    What airport are you connecting at? What airlines are you flying? Did you purchase your tickets separately or together?


  • Getting between Terminals
    May 28, 2015
    I am arriving on Delta Airlines (Term 5?) and attempting to meet my daughter arriving on EuroAir later in the day (I have about 5 hours to kill) can I go to her arrival termial to meet her? I am assuming each terminal has its own baggage claim so I will need to get my bag then meet her.


    What airport is this at? EuroAir ceased operations 6 years ago - please double check her reservation and I can help you more.


    Air Europa! Sorry, that's what I get for posting while at work!


    OK, you will arrive in the Terminal 3 satellite. No flights arrive in Terminal 5, it is a check-in/security building only. Her Air Europa flight will arrive in Terminal 1. Yes, you could go over to the arrivals level of Terminal 1 and meet her there.


    'Me again, what about my luggage? Can I pick up my bag when she arrives? Is there just one baggage claim for everyone? What happens to my bag if I don't pick it up until then( about 7 hours) I would rather wait in a terminal than in baggage claim for that amount of time. Thank you so much


    There is not one baggage claim for everyone. You will claim your bags at the Non-Schengen baggage claim in Terminal 3. You will HAVE to claim your bag then in order to exit Terminal 3 and customs, you won't be allowed back in. You could then take yourself and your bag to Terminal 1. Her baggage claim in Terminal 1 will also likely be inaccessible (although I'm not personally familiar with the layout of the arrivals level of Terminal 1). Anyway, I'm sure there's a place you can meet her on the arrivals level of Terminal 1.


  • Ryanair connecting to TS or AZ
    May 25, 2015
    What is the minimum connecting time arriving into FCO on a domestic flight from Catania and connecting to an international flight to YYZ. Two separate tickets with checked baggage. Thank you !


    Sorry, forgot to mention Ryanair to FCO and TS or AZ to YYZ


    Bare minimum time I would recommend is 2 hours.


    Thanks ! I was thinking 3 hours would be breathable, and would ensure there is a second flight possibility inbetween, in case the first flight was delayed or canceled.


  • T5 to T1
    May 25, 2015
    Arriving from US at 8:05 on United and want to connect to Alitalia flight to Sardinia at 9:30. Too tight?


    It's possible, especially if you check in online for your Alitalia flight before you leave the US. Also, no flights arrive in T5. It is a departure only check-in building. You will arrive in the T3 Satellite.


  • Montreal-Rome-Lamezia Terme Connection
    May 22, 2015
    Arrive from Montreal T-3 @ 10:05 a., depart to Lamezia-Terme T-1 @ 11:30 a. Enough time?


    If your tickets were bought on one reservation that should be enough time, barely. If separate tickets it will be very difficult.


  • Arriving Air Canada departing Alitalia to Catania, in 1hr 35mins
    May 21, 2015
    Arriving Air Canada departing Alitalia to Catania on separate tickets with checked bags. We have 1hr 35mins between flights, is this enough time? The Air Canad and Alitalia are seprarte tickts so I presume we will have to collect our bags then check in with Alitalia.


    It's possible but everything will have to go very smoothly for you to get your bags to the Alitalia desk in T1 before the bag cutoff.


    Thanks, we will have to keep our fingers crossed that everything goes in our favour.


  • Connecting between FCO T3 & T1 - enough time?
    May 20, 2015
    Flight arriving FCO T3 from Kefallonia 11.10 (Iberia) on 23/8/15, flight leaving FCO T1 13.30 to London Heathrow (BA). Luggage checked in. Would there be enough time to transfer between? Would we have to go through passport control? Could we check bags in at Kefallonia for straight through to Heathrow?


    Your flight from Kefalonia will be operated by Vueling and arrive in Terminal 3. Your British Airways flight will also depart from Terminal 3. If you purchased your two tickets separately you will have to claim your bags in Rome and Re-check them. You should have enough time if your flight from Kefalonia is on-time.


    Thank you. What are your thoughts about my other query please? - arrive T3 11.10, depart (BA) T3 13.00. Too tight?? Will we need to go through passport control for either of these? many thanks


    You will go through Schengen exit passport control after you check in for your flight to London but that shouldn't take more than a minute. I think it's possible.


  • Kefallonia to London Gatwick via FCO - enough transfer time?
    May 20, 2015
    Flight arrives from Kefallonia in to FCO T3 at 11.10 (Iberia) 23/8/15, departs FCO T3 to Gatwick 13.00 (BA). Checked in luggage. Is this enough time to transfer? would we need to go through passport control? could we check in all way through at Kefallonia to save time?


  • Israel - Rome - Amsterdam connection
    May 20, 2015
    Hello I am flying to Amsterdam from tel aviv through FCO. My flights are from tel aviv to FCO with alitalia, and than from FCO to AMS with KLM. Would one hour layout between the flight be enough, or should I be afraid to miss my flight to amsterdam. Thank you


    Assuming you are an EU citizen, that should barely be enough time.


  • Istanbul-FCO-Madrid 55 mins layover w Alitalia
    May 20, 2015
    Hello, we are flying from Istanbul to Madrid with a short 55 mins layover in Rome Fiumicino. Our whole itinerary is operated by Alitalia. Wondering if we have enough time to make the connection and also worried about luggage and whether we need to go through passport control. Appreciate the help!


    Yes, you will go through passport control in Rome. It is a possible, but difficult connection.


    Thank you much ZAP. I guess we will have to find an alternate flight to Madrid from IST, since the one we got through FCO is the last flught on Friday night and can't risk it


  • Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 in 1hr 40?
    May 18, 2015
    Arriving from Pisa to Rome FCO Terminal 1 at 8.30am. Booking through Alitalia but flight operated by Etihad (AZ1666). Will there be time to make connection to an actual Alitalia flight from Terminal 3 at 10.10am (AZ620)? Will this be tight or easy?


    Both flights are Alitalia flights. You should have plenty of time. Just follow signs to your departure gate. You will go through schengen exit passport control on your way.


    THANK YOU! So even though Etihad will be operating the flight, our luggage should be checked all the way through to LAX? What is the transfer like between Ter 1 and 3 in terms of walking distance?


    You won't find an Etihad check in desk in Pisa. Like I said, both flights are essentially Alitalia. Yes your bags will be checked through to LAX. It's not a terribly long walk. Maybe 10-15 minutes.


  • Athens to Madrid via FCO
    May 17, 2015
    I'm flying from Athens to Madrid via Rome FCO with Alitalia. Can I make it with 45 mins between the connecting flights? I guess, both flight should operated in the terminal 1, although I'm not completely sure. What happens if I miss the connecting flight due to a delay in my first flight? Will Alitalia put me in the next available flight?


    Yes, both are in Terminal 1 and since Greece, Italy, and Spain are all in the Schengen area you won't have to go through passport control. All you have to do in Rome is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. Yes, if you miss your connection you will be put on the next available Alitalia flight to Madrid.


  • Connections London to Rome - Rome to Catania
    May 15, 2015
    We're looking at booking flights from London to Rome (Easy jet) then Rome to Catania (Alitalia) with a 1hr 10mins connection time. Would this would be enough time to get the connecting flight with just hand baggage? Thanks


    With hand baggage it should be enough time if you check in online for your Alitalia flight before leaving London.


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