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Rome Leonardo da Vinci (FCO) Airport

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Got a tip about FCO airport? You've come to the right place for help on getting to, through, and between Rome Leonardo da Vinci airport. Share your experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.

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  • Connection Time
    Jan 19, 2013
    I will be traveling .on Alitalia from LAX to FCO and then a connecting flight on the same airline to Naples. I have one hour for transfer. Is that enough time


    At FCO you will arrive at T3 and depart from T1. ( FCO's Terminals 1 & 2 are joined and share the Arrivals level; between Terminals 2 & 3 is the air control tower.) After going through passport check and customs clearance, then look for the sign to "Boarding Area B" (gates B1-B30). You have sufficient time.


  • Would we have enough time??
    Jan 16, 2013
    We are thinking about taking a flight from Marseille to Rome, then from Rome to Lamenzie Terme. Our flight from Marseille would arrives at 12:25 and our flight to Lamenzie would leave at 13:15. From what I can find, both flights are in and out of T1. Do you think that we would have enough time to make our flight to Lamenzie? Thanks...


    50 mins layover at FCO should suffice for your transfer within T1.


  • transfer
    Jan 11, 2013
    I am arriving in Terminal 2 on Easyjet from Venice and will catch another flight on Air Canada in Terminal 3. I purchased the tickets separately, so I think that I will need to collect my luggage. I have an hour and a half to make the connection. Will I be able to make that connection?


    At T2 you will need to go through passport check and pick up your bags. The domestic arrivals level of T1 shares the arrivals level of T2. At T2 you need to take the escalator to the departure level, check in your bag, go through security check and head for Boarding Area C (gates C1-16) - your time will suffice.


  • Connection time for May/June 2013
    Jan 9, 2013
    I will be traveling on Alitalia from JFK to FCO on 5/27 and then connecting to NAP. I will have 1 hour 45 minutes to make this connection and go through immigration/passport check. Will that be enough time to make my connection?


    Your transfer time should suffice. Alitalia uses Terminals 1 & 3. At FCO, Terminals 1 & 2 are joined and share the Arrivals level; between Terminals 2 & 3 is the air control tower. T1 is your connecting terminal (domestic & Schengen flights only) and has Boarding Area B with B gates 1 through 30.


  • Transfer T1 to T3 FCO
    Dec 28, 2012
    My daughter is arriving Alitalia into T1, has to collect her luggage as it cannot be booked through, then departing T3 with Emirates for flight to Australia. Can you please advise how she should best go about this to get to terminal 3 as she is an unseasoned traveller.


    On arrival at FCO at T1, she needs to go down to the baggage claim level, retrieve bags, exit terminal and take the free shuttle bus running every 15mins between terminals & parking lots. At Terminal 3 she needs to check in her bag with Emirates and proceed to security check and connecting gate (overhead screens will indicate flight number & gate). T3 has Boarding areas D & H (gates D1-10, & H6-19).


  • T3 to T2 Connection,
    Dec 21, 2012
    Arrive T3 Air Croatia 2 hrs to connect to Easyjet T2. Is 2 hrs enough time? Is this a "Schengan or Non Schengan" connection.


    Schengen means a country which participated in the Schengen agreement (most European countries did). As non-Schengen you need to go through passport check and may have to get your bags inspected. Follow signs to 'Boarding Area' C (Terminal 2's C gates C1-C7 & C3-C16)- boarding areas are interconnected. You have plenty of time.


  • Move from T3 to T1 to meet my son
    Dec 12, 2012
    I am arriving at T3 and wanted to meet up with my son arriving at T1 on the same day. Can I move to T1 ? Do I need to clear custom / immigration ?


    As a 'non-Schengen' (foreign) arrival at FCO you need to go through passport check & possibly through customs clearance. Shuttle buses run beween the terminals & carparks every 15 mins - request one by using the intercom at every shuttle stop.


  • Time needed betw non connected flights
    Dec 8, 2012
    I arrive at FCO at 10.00 with Aegean airlines,then getting an Aer Lingus flight to Dublin at 12.05.As I've seen,these airlines are both in Terminal 3 but the flights are not connected. What's the procedure? Do I have to take my baggage at the baggage reclaim,then get out from the arrival area and check in for the second flight,or do I just follow signs and get transferred? are 2 hours enough for the whole procedure?


    Yes both Aegean and Aer Lingus use Terminal 3 at FCO, which is the largest of the terminals with gates D1-10, G1-14 & H6-19. You need to go through non-Schengen (foreign) passport control and, if Aegean does not transfer your bags to your departing Dublin flight, you need to claim your bags and check them in with Aer Lingus, then go through security check and on to your connecting gate. You have enough time.


  • Connecting to Palermo
    Nov 14, 2012
    I will be arriving on Delta from JFK at 12:05 pm and need to make a connection to Palermo which departs at 1:15 pm. I only have carry-on. What terminal will I arrive in and depart from? Will I have time?


    You arrive at Terminal 5, and need to go through their special security checks & passport control. Your departure terminal depends on which airline you use. Your ticket or the overhead screens on arrival at FCO should indicate Terminal or boarding area: Terminal 1 has Boarding Area (BA) B; T2 has BA C, T3 has BAs D, G & H - all with corresponding gates, i.e, G14. Free shuttles run between all terminals and carparks daily, every 15 mins; during 1am-4am you can also request such shuttle by using the intercom situated at every shuttle stop.


  • Between Terminal 2 and 3 any immigration
    Nov 13, 2012
    they seems connected but arriving and T2 and departing at T3, any requirements? this is for a US green card holder with no air transit visa on hand


    T1 & T2 are joined & share Arrivals level - while T1 is for domestic & Schengen flights, T2 serves both Schengen & Non-Schengen domestic flights. You might have to go through non-Schengen control before proceeding to your connecting gate. T1 houses Boarding Area B with gates B1-30; T2 houses Boarding Area C with gates C1-7 & C3-16.


  • Transfer time
    Nov 4, 2012
    I am looking at flights in and out of FCO and am trying to get in from a US Airways flight that lands at 8:50 in Terminal 5. Is it possible to make a connecting flight, with Alitalia in Terminal 1 (all the way across the airport) by 10:00 AM to Venice? I have read that the shuttle from terminal 5 goes every 15 minutes...but I think I am more concerned with the sheer distance I have to get....Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you so much!


    On arrival at FCO, and going through the passport /customs clearance process you will be shuttled to T3, where another shuttle, running every 15 mins and making another stop at T3, before continuing to T2 and arriving at T1, where you need to go through security check and on to Boarding Area B (gates 1-30). Do make sure US Airways transfers your bags to Alitalia - if not, you need to take them to T1 and re-check them in there. Your time is very limited, but should suffice for this time of the year.


  • Malta to Athens via Rome
    Oct 15, 2012
    We will be travelling by Air Malta from Malta arriving T3 then only 1 hour have to depart on Aegean Air to Athens. Question would Air Malta check bags thru from Malta to Athens with Aegean Airlines, and also is 1 hour transit sufficient to board next flight.


    While both Air Malta & Aegean Air use Terminal 3 - which has gates D1-10, G1-14, & H6-19, you need to contact Air Malta to find out if they transfer your bags; if not, you need to get your bags on arrival and re-check them in at the Air Malta desk. One hour should suffice in either instance.


  • checkin
    Oct 1, 2012
    What terminal does Air France fly from at FCO to Paris and then on to the USA?


    At FCO, Air France uses Terminal 1.


  • Transfer from BA to Easyjet
    Sep 30, 2012
    We are flying from LAX into FCO with a BA ticket and then a separate ticket with Easyjet. one hour and 15 min between arrival and departure. Will we be able to check luggage all the way through? Do we have enough time to make the connection 19:35 pm to 20:50 pm?


    You arrive at FCO Airport via BA at Terminal 3, which as D, G & H gates a will need to depart via EasyJet at Terminal 3, which has C gates. At T3 you need to go through non-Schengen (foreign) passport check. The terminal layout is such that Terminal 1 & 2 are on one side of the Control tower and Terminal 3 on the other side. As you have separate tickets, you need to collect your bags at T3 and walk over to T2, where you re-check-in your bags, then go through security check & on to your gate. There is no time to waste!


  • Flight/Terminal Connection
    Sep 26, 2012
    We will be arriving in Rome from Thailand on Thai Airways @ Terminal 3. We have exactly 1 HR 30 Mins (if there is no delay) to get to Terminal 1 for Alitania flight to Catania (purchased separately). We intend to check in online (to save time) so do we still need to go through passport control? Will we have enough time to get to our Alitania flight?


    On arrival at FCO, you need to go through passport check as a 'non-Schengen' (foreign) arrival. Your allotted time depends on whether Thai Airways would transfer your bags to Alitalia - if not, you would need on arrival go down to the baggage claim level and get your bags, then re-check them in with Alitalia at T1. Also, even if checking in online, you need to have a boarding pass (either printing out at home or near the check-in machines on the Departure Level's airline counters. In any event, you will have to go through security check at T1. A shuttle bus will take you from T3 to T1, departing every 15 mins. If your bags are checked through & you have a boarding pass, you will be able to make it.


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