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Arriving from Barcelona on Alitalia in T1, then 2 hour connection time to T3 to Los Angeles also on Alitalia, 1 ticket. Heard some hell stories about FCO and wanna be sure.
That should be enough time.
Expecting to fly Emirates from Dubai to FCO, and American Airlines FCO to NYC. Might not be able to check luggage all the way through. Is 2hr 15min enough time to get through customs, claim luggage, and check in for FCO>NYC, please? Appreciate the help!
That would be very difficult.
Many thanks - will rework our itinerary!
Arriving from Toronto on aircanada and continuing to Greece on vueling with 2 hours 10 minutes. Enough time?
with checked bags that will be fairly difficult if it's two separate reservations.
If no checked bags then would that be possible? Or is it still unlikely?
I arrive 815 am from US (Terminal 3 I think) and want to connect to Air Malta flight at 1020. Is there time for immigration, luggage collection, re check-in and security to make this flight if check in closes 45 min prior to the flight?
That's barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
We are arriving on Etihad flight from Abo Dhabi at 13.10 at FCO and need to transfer to Alitalia flight to Palermo departing at 14.55. Flights booked on separate tickets with each airline. Is there enough time to catch the second flight?
With checked bags that would be very difficult if you can't get etihad to check your bags through to Palermo.
We are flying from Alghero on AlItialia to FCO and arrive At 7:50 at T 1 . It is on a separate itinerary ticket from our Delta flight to Atlanta which departs at 9:45 . I would appreciate any help to see if 1:55 is enough time and how do we get to our boarding gate to US. If we have to go to Terminal 5 From T1, what is the best way to make that connection. ? Are there any other options for security check in to USA
Thanks for any information

Our flight with Delta which departs to Atlanta
Delta now uses Terminal 1 for check in in Rome. You have enough time.
we have a LHE-FCO qatar airways flight arriving at 18:55 and have to take AlItalia at 21:15.I think, we have one checked baggage so we ll have to recheck again after security clearance, am I right? would it be ample time for this connection?these are two separate bookings.
Please mention the terminal we ll have to change for this connection.
Thanks in advance.
Where are you flying to on Alitalia?
flying to Bari, Lahore-Abu Dhabi-Rome-Bari. Rome to Bari is a separate ticket that we are planning to book.
The flight to Bari will depart from Terminal 1. That would be a difficult connection but not impossible if everything went smoothly.
Family with luggage arrive 7:10 pm from Malta and need to transfer to international departure 8:55 Air China to Beijing. Will this be enough time?
That will be pretty difficult if it's two separate reservations.
It is one "round trip" reservation through Expedia with single ticket numbers, but I don't know what that means for 2 different airlines that don't seem to have a formal "partnership" (Alitalia & Air China). Thanks!
It means your bags should still be checked through, so all you should have to do in Rome is go through Schengen Exit passport control, possibly to the Air China transfer desk, and then to your departure gate.
Flying JFK-CATANIA via Rome how much time should we leave for connection and do we need to claim bags and re check if booked on one ticket
You don't have to claim bags in Rome if it's just one ticket. I would want 90 minutes.
How to I get to TI from T3--I understand that I have only a short time to catch my AZ 1575 flight.
If you don't have checked bags to transfer then just follow signs to your departure gate. You will go through security and Schengen Entry Passport control on your way.